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nobody wins in this war

it started off innocent enough. we will simply tell our children that they didn’t lose, the race was unfair and didn’t take their “uniqueness” into account.
we can’t celebrate winning anymore because it may hurt those who didn’t win and we must consider their feelings. we can’t ask them to do more because how do we know the struggles they’ve already endured?
we can’t ask our youth to step up and work because they already work hard doing…something i’m sure. so because you worked at something you’re “entitled” to something easy.
winning has become a different shade of losing simply because no one wins anymore and no one loses. the very definition of how things are determined has been attacked, killed and brought out to beat on a regular basis by liberals and progressives.
or at least i thought for awhile it was just them. to see what colorado did to trump was more than embarrassing. not to trump. hell kick him again and again – he keeps asking for it. but to you, me, and every other person in this country who is fighting hard to just maintain what we’ve long held to be an honest days pay for an honest days work.
coupled with our votes matter and we can choose how we’re to be led.
WE can choose.
yet again, look at colorado. trump was shut out and it didn’t matter one iota if you were a trump supporter – your vote was rendered 100% useless. your only say in how we can fix what you perceive to be wrong was shut down and thrown back at you w/o care or concern because THEY know what is right.
hell the very electoral college is there to save us from ourselves so to speak.
bernie wins wyoming by a long shot yet doesn’t get what he should from his work. while the irony kills me here, in that the fruits of his labor are given to the rich (yea, socialism will change that, huh? no. you just give your money to someone else and even more of it so you can be “entitled” – yay.
both bernie and trump are being shut down and shut out by established rules and people tied to the very system that caused this huge pile of crap we’re living through now.
who won, again?
it wasn’t you. or me. or anyone who has ever felt their vote still in fact did matter. i will fully confess and suffer the social outrage to follow, but i do not vote much. on one hand because it does no good. a single vote among millions. some of the voters even still alive.
and because i know my vote does NOT matter. been saying it for several elections we’ve been relegated to voting against who we hate, not for who we believe in. given a serious shortage of people to believe in, that’s 100% understandable also.
so where do we go from here? i would like to think those fighting the establishment will see their only salvation is with each other, not against. get the libertarians in the mix and let’s work out what’s best for this country and build an action plan to fixing it.
not staying in power or being right or worried about where the holy hell people will take a whiz today.
how is ANY of that winning anything?
the establishment has proven out votes don’t matter at all. proved i’m right in what i’ve said for so long in that voting is a waste of time. they’ll do what they want.
how are we winning? we started off changing the definition of what it was and saying no one really *wins* anymore cause we’re all winners!!!!
look where that has gotten us.
who won again? sure wasn’t america.
we need to look long and hard as this individual fighting we’re doing against each other and realize we’re in this together regardless of how we feel about each other today. if we want to truly win again we have to stop petty arguments and childish bullshit and if this is a time to change our government, then let’s spell it out and make that difference.
and get back to winning.

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