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it was 1979 and boston was rockin it

it’s 1979 and musical powerhouses such as boston are filling up giants stadium. led zepplin is making instant classics, aerosmith is dreamin on, rolling stones rolling along, AC/DC and hell, if you’ve been around or have studied the musical past, you’ll realize how many bands were out there writing the music that today is about all FM plays.

the question then becomes something gene simmons has asked that the answer is varied and “out of focus” really. who are the bands today that will be “classics” tomorrow?

the world is changing and while i will forever think “rock is dead” is overdramafied bullshit, it has morphed as everything has in the last decade. good, bad, just different – well that’s up to the person looking at it from their own point of view.

i see one generation tied to their cell phones and if i were born in that time i would have been the same way. but to me cell phones are just a way of getting quick news and another method of someone bugging the shit out of me. it never became my way of life and i’m ok if i forget it at home.

but i also am starting to see a generation of kids following them that are listening to glam metal and making their own bands. i see younger kids wearing the cloths of yesterdays rock star still on tour today and that will have an impact.

eveything moves in cycles and while this cycle we’re in makes rock harder to find and to a degree, discourages people from even trying (fuck the ones who won’t buy music and support the very thing they profess to love – sorry, had to get that rant in there) it will carry on and it will come back and fill stadiums once again.

i just hope i’m around to see a “new” band pick up where the ones dying off far too quickly today are leaving behind.

rock and roll people. have one hell of friday and do it with music.


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