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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

gearing up for 2016 – yep. that’s what we’re doing

we’ve got some cool plans for 2016 and want to thank everyone, again, for sticking with us while we grow and continue to make listening to our music easier for you. we’ve got at least one person to add on board who is kinda family already, and we’ll be revamping the Long Island scene soon so keep an eye out there.

for our site, we’ll have a new 24×7 cloud server by the start of the year, 1st week is our goal. how will you know? hopefully you won’t tell other than the music has been updated.  🙂  shows are dropping to 2 hours quite a bit as people are more focused on better music, not just more of it. the icehouse took much of december off to work on the new site and some backend things you will never see, but a few you will and soon.

there is a possibility we’ll be broadcasting video early in 2016 with a surprise guest at a top venue in dallas. that’s right, renegade radio, video, top venue in dallas and a local legend in his own right going back to a previous time – all i’m gonna say for now.

still looking at a better way to show off the newsreel. there just doesn’t seem to be a GOOD way to do it but i’ll keep at it. maybe stackideas can come up with just a way for me to show off ONE FRIGGIN CATEGORY but so far i don’t see how to do just that. i’ll keep digging.

in the meantime, we hope everyone had a great 2015, accomplished a few dreams, came up with a few more, and with any luck, didn’t lose anyone along the way. for those that did, well, some of our renegade family lost some of their personal family in 2015 also so we understand and relate. take them with you as best you can and hopefully there will be some music along the way from us that takes you to a better place in time, or back to remember when.

that’s what music does, right?

keep on rockin and we’ll see you soon, 2016.