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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

shit, 9 days into the year, changes already

and i gotta admit, i feel kinda “on the edge” when i can start my headline w/profanity.  🙂

changes so far are not major but they are in fact, changes. we dropped the old chatroom because as it was functional, we’re after a little bit more than that in the coming months to this entire year. the most notable change to date is this chatroom bit. you see, we found chatwee that allows 3 social logins and we don’t have to maintain a userbase OR make you create yet another online account. let’s face it, the fun of that wore off 16,391 accounts ago, right?

ALL HAIL SINGLE SIGN ON!!!! and there was much rejoycing.

coming in 2016 real quick – i’ll share some plans but nothing concrete just yet. (outside the chatroom – have you checked out our new one yet?) are new shows on the horizon. some w/national appeal you may have already heard of, and others – just some flat out bad ass rock and roll you don’t hear anywhere else. huge shout out to the twisted wonder for not only the recent show changes, but frankly, carrying the banner in 2015 in such a fantastic manner.

evenflow closing. this has been a renegade hangout, sponsor and hell, family for much of 2015. whatever will we do with the unfortunate closing of the place that served some of the best wings i’ve had in awhile – evenflow. (yes i was there once! i made the trip!) well, let’s just say as a phoenix rises from the ashes…

yes, I intentionally left that there to make you wonder. did it work? hey, at least it wasn’t click bait!!!!!

so yea, more shows coming. we are also “cloud based” – and what the hell does that mean to you? well honestly not nearly as much as it does to us and our own ability to log into and out of hte stream w/o a constant headache we’ve muddled through all these years. we do have a current rotation up with a good selection from the “core whores” (iceberg, sean and jemjem) and will be adding to it as our own influence grows. YAY US AGAIN!!!

did i mention we have a new MOBILE FRIENDLY chatroom? if you said yes, nope. this is the first i mentioned mobile friendly.  🙂

SPEAKING OF WHICH – our app on the droid store is updated. please download it to get to the new stream AND a slight correction to our rss feeds to bring you the content we’ve been slackin on lately. (um, i have been – bad me) BUT WE DO HAVE SOME HELP COMING! sean, ever busy, has made some talks with select sources for video interviews and other writers to continue to bring news to you you just don’t find anywhere else. usually.


me, the iceberg, is going to blog more on here about random thoughts and just spew whatever is on my mind, as usual. just more often. with the holidays over he’s back on schedule for his show and his new years eve show saw attendance he’s not seen in quite awhile. renegade is growing.

if you wish to be heard on renegade, right now you simply write us at but we are also looking to find another way to do this and hey, i have an idea for a comments page to help with this also where links can be posted. my only concern are the freakig damn spammers who fill up our virtual world with their useless offers and boring flirtations of russian women wanting me.

make it asians and i may click that damn link people. really – when was the last time you saw a russian women and went HOLY SHIT I WANT THAT???

to be honest, i’d not know a russian woman by sight unless she wore the colors/flag or some other marking. but it’s fun at times to bounce a stereotype around and pretend it’s real.

in america, we call that politics.

ANYWAY – that’s it for now. jemjem will be along shortly to talk about more changes to renegade we hope you’ll dig and get into. until then, play long and rock hard.