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Naked at a bar eating Cheetos (i.e. Show News for 11.19.2015)


The clock struck 10pm at the local bar.  Shaking his head, the bar tender scans the poorly occupied room with numerous empty chairs. “It’s going to be a very long night,” he mumbled to himself as he collected the fifth empty beer glass from a tipsy regular.  Placing the glass in the sink, he turns to grab another wine glass, fills it with a sweet red, places it on a tray, and walks across the bar to the darkest corner of the room to deliver it.

As he got closer to the poorly lit table, he could hear her loudly humming a Disney tune.  Her glazed eyes stared at him as he placed the full wine glass on the table.  Pulling the glass towards her, she took a big swig, and firmly placed it back on the table, nearly bursting out into a full song when an explosive laughter erupted throughout the bar.

Right in the doorway was a man with a slight beer gut wearing nothing but a birthday suit and flip flops.  Before the bar tender could throw him out, he charged to an empty chair with a bowl of Cheetos next to it.  Making himself comfortable in the high chair, the man pulls the bowl of Cheetos next to him and starts shoving them into his mouth.  “Barf FENDER!!   Jack on the socks please!” he said with a mouth full of Cheetos.

“Hey, Hey, the sign says ‘No shoes, no shirt, no service’ pal!  Go home and put some clothes on!”  Red faced and honestly trying not to laugh, the bar tender charges over towards the naked man, grabs his arm, and tries to lift him out of his chair.  The man wouldn’t budge.

“I want my drink first!” the man demanded as he glared at the bar tender and shoved more Cheetos into his mouth.

Getting flustered, the bar tender said, “Look pal, I don’t want any trouble in here!  You have to have clothes on in order to get served at this bar!  Now please leave!”

“Hey, hey, all I want to do is get a drink and eat some Cheetos.  I’ll be good, I promise.  Just pour me that drink!  And while you’re at it, a round of drinks on me!” the naked man declared flaying his arms in the air exposing some vary hairy arm pits.

Slurred cheers erupted throughout the bar.  Not wanting the situation to escalate, the bar tender agreed and turned to the other side of the bar to make the man’s drink.  “Ok, fine, but as soon as you finish your drink, you need to leave!”, the bar tender said as he placed his drink in front of him.

To block out the man’s loud crunching noises and occasional burps, the bar tender turned the house speakers up, blaring some local tunes on

“That was Fighting Gemini with ‘Naked or Buried Alive’, and now here’s some Renegade Show news for you….

Last week, Annie welcomed Jimmy G from Craving Strange and featured the bands song “Complicated” in Mandarin!  Mandarin I tell you!  This week, Held Back Radio (Wednesdays from 11am-1pm eastern) featured lots of lively tunes including some Steel Panther, the Dollyrots, no small children, TAT, Revel 9, Blameshift, and more!  Tune in next Wednesday for even more lively tunes and maybe even more catchy Craving Strange tunes in Mandarin.

Side B Radio and The Stairwell Showcase had a duel broadcast Wednesday evening as Stephanie and Annie took over the main stream and Jemini controlled the second stream.  Side B conversations ranged from the best way to kill rats to Broadway singers with tunes sprinkled in between.  The Stairwell Showcase welcomed special guest The Chimpz drummer Sean Topham to the show.  There, we all got to hear stories of The Chimpz mobile getting towed by a very drunk AAA man, close calls with tornados, and of course the latest and greatest Chimpz news.  Lots of Chimpz tunes were played as well as a lot of other great Texas and US indie bands.

Next week, The Stairwell Showcase will be back to its regular time slot, Tuesday evening starting at 7pm central time and Side B Radio will be back with another episode Wednesday evening starting at 8pm eastern.

Don’t miss Radio J later today (11/19/2015) during your lunch hour from noon to 1pm eastern followed by The Icehouse this evening (11/19/2015).  Make sure you bring your hammocks and get ready to chill out after a long day cause da berg will be bringing you his signature after 9 slow tunes all night long!  Show starts at 7pm central (8pm eastern) right here on  Show berg some love by tuning in and chilling out with him in the chat room.

Get your next pop culture fix with Grindhouse Radio during your Friday lunch hour from noon to 1pm eastern followed by Happy Hour on Sunday from 8-9pm eastern right here on!  This week, the LTOB crew welcomes Ethan from Edisun on the phone and Danny talking about the state of one of our favorite local watering holes, Evenflow Bar and Grill.  You really do not want to miss this episode as it will contain some very important discussions about the local Long Island music scene so tune in!  To catch up on last week’s episode, click here.  

Amen decided to kick Monday night off with his very own version of the Fallout 4 soundtrack featuring Stone Temple Pilots, Rise Against, Hatebreed, and more! The careful selection of songs was quite a hit among all the gamers that tuned in that evening.  What will Amen play next?  Tune in Monday night for Bad Seed Radio starting at 8pm eastern to find out.

That concludes the Renegade show newsreel for the moment.  And now we shall leave you with another naked image, only this one is naked in a bean bag chair eating Cheetos.”