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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

the bright – objects of my affection

coming off a rare “10” rating from their last cd, “in lucid dreams”, the bright is back with “objects of my affection”, a release that to a point completes the teaser cd “Diamonds in the Snow” which contained 4 early tracks (charmed, deep fall, how i feel and save the night) and then ever so much more.

Comprised of a group of talented musicians, The Bright* is: Julie Lange (vocals), Miguel Fair (bass), Robert Yahne (drums), Kell Curtis (guitar),Taylor Tatsch (guitar/backing vocals), Eric Jenkins (keys/producer) (stolen directly from their website. – Check it out – The Brights Website).

the entire cd is just a mental headtrip into subtle dreams. the vocals, the instrumentation, the creativity – you can’t help but get lost in the experience. you don’t listen this release, you experience it. the first song, save the night, starts off with a pop tempo and a “hay now!” hook that has you singing along with the ever talented Julie Lange and looking around to see if anyone notices in the car next to you. Even if they do you’ll just turn it up and share the music.

10 hearts is another example of the more upbeat pop sound but Charmed is the one you’ll turn up and make you get your groove on. Over and Overdoesn’t seem to stand out on it’s own but after listening quite a few times, it’s more because while in the end it is a great song, it just gets lost in other greatness.

catch my love is almost the crossover song of the release. it has the energy we’ve come to find for the bright, the hooks that catch even the biggest fish and Julie’s vocals shine as always – but there’s something else in this one that while one of the more energetic songs, it also has an edge to a flip side of sounds you’ll hear on this experience (i can’t just call it a cd anymore).

deep fall brings on the haunting feel that just pulls you into a surreal feeling that hypnotizes your mind and you find yourself in the very deep fall you’re listening to. had this song been in the 2nd half of the release, you’d have the energetic “bright” on one side and then the mesmorizing bright on the slower more introspective side.

enter imagination overload.

you start to hear a turn in the sound but it’s only the rollercoaster doing what they do and starting another adventure. the music pulls you in and you notice that while it’s all natural, it’s not a common sound you hear from the band. you can just sense that the entire band put their heart and soul into this and any emotion they had to show vocally, lyrically or musically, they did, and did very well. your imagination will be overloaded as your senses kick in to keep up with the music.

and just when you think you need to catch your breath a bit, diving for stars comes on and we all seem to reminisce and fall into self-driven dreamscape just to let your mind go and keep up with the band. picking it back up just a touch, you will love again gives us all hope not all is lose when we find ourselves on our own. 

as the rollercoaster comes to it’s eventual end carry on adds a twist at the end that pull at your own heartstrings as the vocals of Julie Lange shine as she vocalizes the title itself in a manner that stares into your heart and pulls the emotions out of you one by one.

all good things must come to an end, even emotional rollercoasters. so as you listen to when i’m lost, turn out the lights, turn up the music, and tune out the world and let yourself get lost in “Objects of My Affection”.

while i gave the previous release a 10, i can’t do that again. it’s obvious the bright has grown as artists and musicians and how do you improve upon a 10 rating?

like this – objects of my affection is one of the 10 best things in the world today. if they improve like this again, they’re going to make me create an entirely new rating system. i’m up for it – i’m sure they are too.