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Static Fiction – On Your Mind

Nothing says true love like bat shit. 
Meet Static Fiction. They‘re a pop punk band from of Huntington Beach, California that wants to accomplish everything they ever wanted in the music industry. One of those things is the goal to record the best pop punk album of all time. To work towards this goal, they really wanted to get Ryan Greene to produce some of their tunes. So how do you get one of the greatest punk rock producers of all time to notice your band? Let’s just say that after much clever thinking, copious amounts of enthusiasm, lots of hard work, and countless hours of hoping and praying, the tune gods smiled upon the band. Greene listened to their tunes, loved what he heard, and decided he wanted to be a part of the project. SCORE!!!
The result of the collaboration: a five track EP entitled “Introducing Static Fiction.” I must say this is one hell of a great introduction. In general, Punk bands tend to put me in a playful mood. These five Static Fiction tunes bring that playfulness to a whole new level. The melodies, guitar work, and harmonies set a tone that is so playfully mischievous I become a silly smart ass with a shit-eating grin after one listen. The lyrics could be talking about something completely depressing but the tone of each song makes you so giddy you find yourself head-bobbing, singing to the top of your lungs while pretending you have a microphone in your hands, and/or doing a little air guitar.
Of the five songs on this EP, the tunes that catch this street team leader’s attention the most are “Guanoⁱ Love” and “Ashes”. Nothing says true love like bat shit. Thanks to this song, guano has moved past its days as a fertilizer and become the new way to say ‘I love you’. What an interesting spin on the world’s most popular single-minded fascinations: love and poo. Put them together and people tend to go bat shit crazy. If someone told you they were bat shit crazy for you, how would you react? Send your responses to The best ones will be posted on Renegade’s main page.
When listening to “Ashes” for the first time, my mind goes to the playful, party band tone of Bowling for Soup for the guitars with the classic punk rock vocals of Green Day and Blink182. To spare you from using onomatopoeias or other noises to explain this comparison, please reference the playful sounding guitar work in the BFS tune “1985”. While the guitars do not sound the same directly, the overall playful tone they bring to their respective tunes has been found to cause the same reaction while listening to them. The reaction: the “crank-up treatment” on a car stereo during a long road trip while going 85-90 mph down the highway. *looks innocent while adjusting her halo*
Intrigued, interested, and/or just wanting to know more? It would behoove you to know that the band has been writing some new tunes and plans to head back into the studio in the coming months to produce an LP. While you wait for more fun and exciting shiny objects of pop punk musical goodness from the Static Fiction boys, treat your senses by feasting your eyes on their Facebook page, using your fingers to press that shiny “like” button, and taking your ears to a pop-punk party with their five-track EP that is now available on iTunes.
EP Track list
Static Fiction
Stop and Look
Guano Love
Good Times
Band Members
Paul Lapinsky-Guitar/vox
Justin Herter-Guitar
Ryan Brown-Bass
Jason Garrison-Drums
ⁱGuano – Accumulated excrement and remains of birds, bats, and seals, valued as FERTILIZER. Bird guano comes mainly from islands off the coasts of Peru, Baja California, and Africa that are heavily populated by CORMORANTS, PELICANS, and GANNETS. BAT guano is found in caves throughout the world, and SEAL guano has accumulated to great depths on islands off northwestern Peru; both are lower in fertilizer value than bird guano (Source: