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analysis of a dream

we’ve all had dreams that flat woke us up in a cold sweat. or maybe it’s only me and I should seek help. however, over time I’ve come to find my dreams usually center around a few things. I’m in familiar territory, but it’s all different and changes every time I look around. if I go back to where I was, or thought I was, it’s different.
maybe I went from an elaborate hotel lobby on my way to find some friends I know I’m just right on their footsteps. I turn around and go back but suddenly I’m in a crowded shopping mall. I push forward (usually happens when you go to sleep, this “dreaming”) and dream after dream it’s all the same. sometimes family members are there but that’s rare. sometimes I even know who I’m trying to find, but not usually.
if you’re lost, then wake up and get out of my dreams. : )
but everything around me morphs as I go on and nothing stays consistent. I can’t go back to where I was cause it’s something else and whoever it is I’m looking for, well I never find them. anyone else have “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” running through their mind now? if not, you do now and good. I didn’t want to suffer that alone.
there are really only (2) dreams I’ve had I can say I remember them from start to finish. one short, one an exercise in my own imagination gone wild.
the short one is pretty simple. I’m looking straight ahead but “through” a window so to speak but the walls are totally black and really just on the outter edges. nothing else exists but outside this window and all you see is a world in flames. plumes of smoke and fire fly into the air and the world burns. then, as if he was laying down on his back, a skeleton only partially on fire leans up from the waist, turns to my direction, smiles (as best a skull can do) and waves at me.
you wake up in a very strange mood after something like that and to be honest, you kinda fight off sleep for a few days. but when you have both insomnia and sleep apnea, you never sleep much anyway.
now, onto the one dream that was so very detailed it scared me. I remember the whole story from start to finish and every detail along the way.
I was running. rare for me cause in real like I don’t run from anyone unless they’re bigger than me. if they’re bigger than me they likely don’t want to run either, so it all works out. but in my dream here, I was running my ass off (and never was out of breathe) and when I looked behind me, a green figure was chasing me. by figure I mean a glowing green outline of a person. but when I looked at this…person it never looked like it was running but it was always right behind me.
maybe even in my dreams I’m a real slow running.
I’m running through an old train yard, dodging in and out of old cars and steam engines and I did try to hide for a bit in one but this green outline of a face poked his head in and I was off and running again.
now I’m in an old abandoned neighborhood running between old victorian houses and I look back into the alley and he’s standing there so I pull a doobie brothers and keep on running. I dodge into one of the houses and head to one of the top floors. I dug around in one of the bigger rooms and found a small sliding door on the wall and it turned out to be a laundry chute down to the basement. I opened it up and looked down and you guessed it – a glowing green head was looking up at me.
so I ran. somehow now though I’m running through a crowded city street and every time I look behind me there *it* is. finally a policeman stops me and tells me I need to quit running and I said “I can’t, it’s chasing me and won’t stop!” pointing back to the figure coming at us. the officer pulls out his gun and says stop or I’ll shoot 3 times and then opens fire.
they’re loading up the figure in the ambulance and I’m still in a panic. I told the officer it’s not dead just faking it and the officer takes me to the ambulance and pulls the covers back to show me it is in fact dead.
he was wrong and paid the price and I was off and running again only this time through a nebraska wheat field. finally something dawned on me. I had no idea what this thing wanted or why and damn it, my forrest gump trip was coming to an end. I stopped and it slowly came up to me and I finally asked “what the HELL do you want”?
the figure shows a picture of me and a college friend both wearing our college football uniforms after a game all happy cause we won. I said “yea, me and my friend, what of it” and this thing motions for me to look back at the picture and my friend was now some chic.
finally I hear this voice in my head and the figure explained to me that he was bringing back good football players, turning them into women and gonna start up a professional womans football team and wanted me on it.
I said 1, I’m not dead and 2, I’m not female. he said I would have to die the same way my friend did and he’d take care of the rest. now I wasn’t aware my friend passed away (much less losing mr happy along the way) so I asked how he died. that could be helpful to know how he died in a situation such as this.
combine accident.
suddenly a nebraska wheat field is about the worst place in the world to be and I’m getting scared again. but this time I did something I can’t recall ever doing again – I said GOD DAMN IT – THIS IS MY DREAM; turning myself into a blue glowing figure and rising into the sky growing massively as I do it.
well it seems that was no new trick to mr green so he did the same thing. next thing you know we’re throwing fastballs of glowing energy at each other in a massive battle in the sky and finally I just said CUBE and walls formed around the green dude, trapping him and then shrank out of existence.
I won.
this is about where I woke up and for some reason, I could remember all of this. I swear to god I’d LOVE to hook up a digital recorder to my mind when I sleep just to see all that I’ve missed along the way.
if you’re into dream analysis, if you can tell me what this all means, I’d love to hear from you.