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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

where music goes to play

So, it was with that hope, that some of the lounge owners, would tell you what to play, when to play it, and to take every single request no matter what, and NEVER play what they don’t tell you..
Yeah. That worked out pretty well for me.
You see, I’ve always had one rule that I’ve stood by – Don’t play music that sucks. Don’t do the same s*%t that every other DJ does and pimp Metallica, just because they (At one point and time) were all OVER the f*%#ing place (“Mandatory Metallica”, anybody?). Don’t play Nickelback because that’s what’s “hot”..
Do I think either of those bands suck because they’re popular? No. Talent wise, Metallica was top of the game for a while. Although, I can’t say I can be completley down with a lot of the stuff they’ve done in the last 15 years or so. Nickelback.. Well. They just plain suck. I could probably write an entire column based on reasons WHY they suck, but, I’ll let that be an on-air rant sometime.
So, I remember one night specifically – I was doing a set, had about 30 folks diggin’ the tunes..I think I appeased a ‘tallica fan and gave ’em a cover. That went over well.. Someone wanted a NIN cover  So, of COURSE I pulled out some Johnny Cash, “Hurt” for that..
Wrong move, apparrently.
Halfway into the song, I lost the stream. The Owner booted me off, Banned me from the lounge, then wrote me a wonderful letter – Which to this day, I wish i had kept a copy of for my own entertainment – basically telling me “I have this stream playing to a corporate sponsor who specifically requested we not play anything involving a country artist.”
To quote a good friend of mine, “What in the blue-french fried f*#%?”
So you mean to tell me, that Because I played 2 minutes of a REQUESTED Song, I’m affecting your “Corporate” sponsor? Seriously? To this day, I still don’t know who that sponsor was, But my guess is It was probably in the garage of Joe’s Autobody Repairs down on Main Street in BumbleF$%k, Arkansas. (Edit: No Disrespect intended towards any residents of BumbleF$%k, Arkansas.)  Nonetheless, I never bothered messing with any other Lounges on there after that. But I still wanted to be heard. I still had great music to share with the WORLD. I still had a hundred random obscure artists that I felt needed to be discovered (Or at the very least, enjoyed) by anybody and everybody who I thought would dig ’em.
And That’s when I found RenegadeRadio.
You know, what’s Ironic, is I can remember submitting a Demo (Which, by the way, I STILL have..) back in 2007. THIS was it for me – THIS was the big time. NO more lame-Crazy lounge owners with “HUGE” corporate sponsors. Almost 7 years. From Wednesday afternoons, to Friday Evenings.. Grave Disorder was born. Sure I’ve come and gone – Everybody has their “demons” – But by god over the years, This has become my home. Iceberg, Jemini – They are my 2nd family.
During my “Off” times – I’ve always talked up the site – “Sure, I Used to do internet radio…” Saddened me a little, every time I had to say it. Why? Because I missed it. I missed discovering great bands – I missed sharing those bands with you – The listener, The promoter, the venue-owner, the music lover..  I missed giving those bands the exposure, the feeling they get when someone new says “Your music is f*$^ing cool.”
And It’s time to re-finish that home.. Time to Rennovate, to Innovate.. Grave Disorder is back, baby,  and let me tell you – It’s here to stay. It is my hope and Dream for this site to continue to grow – and for it not just to be an alternative to your FM or Satellite radio stations – I want this to be a Destination. I want this site to become a place where Artists can go to be heard – Without any bulls*%t. Where Artists, Listeners, Promoters and Venues alike – come together in One big happy-unicorns, music & rainbow-filled Clusterf#$k to make Dreams a reality.
In a few weeks (2/28), I’ll be hosting Renegaderadio’s first Live-Stream outside of her birthstate  of Texas.. Not too far from my own birthplace, in Amityville, New York. About an hour out of New York City. This is a huge step for Renegaderadio, And  I can assure you, this is only be the beginning. I can almost see the headline now – ” takes Manhattan”.
Frank Sinatra said it best..
“If I can make it there
I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you
New York, New York”
We’ve taken Dallas. We’ve Taken Austin. We’ve taken Los Angels FM radio.. We’ve got listeners all over the world – From Finland to Argentina, Australia to Russia.. New York, I’m personally calling You out: You’re next. People from ALL over the world come to the city every year , just to stare at a giant ball dropping from the sky at a painfully slow pace. To stare at an oversized Christmas Tree in Rockerfellar center.. New York City is a place where Adults and children alike go to play. So, it’s only logical that takes over..
This is, after all, Where Music Goes To Play..