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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

god damn it – this is fun!

I don’t know what to say. This is fun again. I’m jamming my ass off to some old Kenny loggins putting the final touches on this our new home and ya know what.

I’m air drummin.

I’m singing with my headphones on.

I’m having fun again.

There’s a million reasons I could get into as to why this is so cool for me but it all goes back to well WELL over a year ago. Hell in some ways it goes back close to 20 years ago. But all I can and will say is I’m feeling MUCH better these days. Some are still more challenging than others but I do as my good friend joe dirt once told me, keep on keeping on. Who knows. Maybe one day I’ll become an inspirational speaker and inspire a generation.

Of what I have no idea but let’s at least start this dream going.

Not gonna blither on too much right now. Just enough to say I’m so looking forward to this site, writing, and hell yea, the music, all over again. I’ve got some cool things to talk about, an old dream coming back to potentially an even bigger one (7 sunsets) and of course, I’ve got all this.

And son of a bitch it’s fun again!

Da berg