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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

we’re not dead yet…i think i’ll go for a walk now…

i must admit, i never thought there would be a time people could post a python quote and have someone mistake it for reality. but, it happened. how in the hell this relates to the latest newsreel i’m not real sure, but let me see what i can do. been awhile since i plopped on my ass AND wrote something like this.
been too long, actually. while i’m not sure if you can ever lose a talent like writing i suppose it is like anything else. don’t use it, it gets weak, is about to die, but the liberals come along guilt the working class into coming along and saying they’re offended at something, lob in a race card and actually believe “thug” is the new *n* word, you then have the GALL to tell others that don’t feel like you that THEY are racist and suddenly jesse jackson and al sharpton are there telling me black lives matter as if it was a revelation…
well, i can see my ability to get carried away hasn’t lost its touch. but yea, if i stop the world and melt with myself, i have to admit i went into hibernation, kinda let the world get to me and lost track of things that matter. hell, anything that mattered.
take me off your worry list i’d said throw it away. this is what my life is about. i might have been gone but i never walked out.
blue october – way to go, justin!
i just can’t imagine saying more with fewer words.
but yea, the site has stalled but it’s never given up. in fact, it’s gonna do its phoenix thing and come rising out the ashes and spitting fire…and…oh hell, yea. we’re about to move sites again and we’re taking more and more measures to keep finding the best music out there and bringing it to you via our lives shows, broadcasts, and even in the 24×7 stream that right now is pretty much my (iceberg) hard drive on random. you may hear the partridge family followed by metallica followed by night ranger followed by barry white.
fuck you, jackFM!
they may play what they want, but we play what YOU want. what you tell us about. we’re here not as a place to just listen time from time, but to be a part of the overall renegade community. like us on facebook, pinterest, imager, twitter, outhouser, and whatever else we’ve got linked up there. if you like what you hear, share.
if we’re not playing some music that you think would fit our style, let us know. for now, simply e-mail and hit up our facebook page and give that band a shout there also, letting them know we’re gonna support them also. it’s about teamwork, effort and in the end, the desire to be a bit more than yesterday.
ok, now i’m just tired and saying mushy shit, feeling stupid for saying it, then maning up and saying i’m saying mushy shit, then covering it all by admitting it i had to man up to cover myself for saying something stupid on 2 extremes.
for some reason i feel like i just gave up a trade secret, like a musician losing some magic.
but here we are 2015. we might have gone dark in some places but we never walked out. sean has been carrying the load and setting long island on fire. iceberg (that’s me!) is finally coming out of hibernation and putting a target on the world ass and if the winds are interpreted correctly, jemini – the one and only, the wise, the narf-queen-who-wears-it-well-and-is-laughing-right-now-even-if-she-doesn’t-know-why jemini will be coming back ready to light up the airwaves like only she can do it.
the twisted one has some stuff up his sleeves for 2015 and maybe the magic isn’t gone. maybe it’s true that we’re NOT dead yet, and we’re still here, after all this time, after all these years, shows, efforts, dreams, failures, lessons learned, songs played and people met we’re still here to say FUCK FM and those who continue to ignore what is under the tip of the iceberg…(yea i did that) and is playing live show after live show after live show.
then we have iceberg (not the previously aforementioned iceberg but this one) who plays what he wants and on 2/22 when he (i, me, cest moi, yo estupido) comes back, is gonna play some barry white.
and some blue october.
fuck you, jack fm. follow that up.
we’re still here, world. we’re going nowhere but onto your phone, computer, ipad, tablet, blackberry, lite bright machine and whatever we have to in order to bring you music you will fall in love with and wonder why you don’t hear it elsewhere. then in a few years, you will and you’ll say HEY! i heard it first…
now that’s a goal.
2015, bring it on.
the renegades.