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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Oh sure, blame the guy in the dress

well, that’s how my friend ALF put it long ago in a time that really seems far far away. we’re making progress to the site that hopefully you don’t really notice. you need to keep in mind that over the course of starting this year we were on hostgator and since moved back to bluehost. why? don’t get me started but you piss me off for the 10th time i’ve had enough.
nuff said.
we did however have 1 singular focus – build an html 5 compliant site. why? cause *most* phones, pads, and remote devices read html5 w/o issue. this means you can hit our site and listen to the music WITHOUT having to download apps from the store and put on your phone.
speaking of, for those who just demand a cool app, the renegade radio app for android has been updated to reflect TWO STREAMS!!! not sure if i covered this or not in my last post but hell, it’s cool enough to cover again. you see, we’re getting so busy that we need another outlet for “conflicting” show schedules. so far we’ve tested it, things are great, both work on our mobile devices but i have to admit, we’re not heavily apple tested. why? try to deal with them on almost any level and tell me when you get frustrated to the point of apathy. then you’ll understand my mindset and why we don’t do more to be on apples “use us or f you” platform.
of course this means i’ve done a poor job updating our live show calendar. i’ll get on that this weekend. promise. we’ve got a lot going on and i need to make sure you can come here to find out what’s rocking out there you can’t wait to jam to! (this is iceberg, btw – blame me for the poor job of show updates)
sometimes things that seem simple do require a lot of thought and that’s kinda where we are right now. it seems simple enough to just go out and do and people will come but it doesn’t always work that way and we need to do a better job of making you WANT to come here. there are still some additions to the site i will be implementing when i can that will include better music submission (and for the love of god, listen to the stream for 10-15 minutes before sending your music)
the simple fact of the matter is many of us have been tied up in the real world and that’s to be expected. there are (3) of us core and lately we’ve added (2) more DJ’s who have come in with a new spirit i’m sure we’ll all be taking advantage of as we keep pushing. sean owns long island and is staging a coup of SXSW with 4 bands in tow. jem is working like a mad woman on the scheduling and adding in of course texas bands for rockfest.  let’s see another internet radio station do that for bands!
for now you’ll see us business as usual. we’re slowly coming back to full strength and that will start to show in site updates, news, where you’ll find us, and soon, why we’re here and what we’re out to do. we’re in the background sorting all this out now and after all this time, believe me we have a lot to sort through and ask questions but our goal is simple. to make this site a vital place to find new music and hear familiar music as well.
i will personally nailgun my “sack” to a fallen log being hauled through the arctic circle in the dead of winter with wolves set free on one side of me and pissed off kodiak bears on the other chasing me for lunch while having rare bacon and various forms of dead beef tied to me to ensure the chase before we ever play the same old crap 5+ times a day.
take me to the church
you’re a liar you’re lips are moving
and the list goes on. if you’re happy with FM, Satellite radio and the like, you got ’em and got no need for us. if you want to relive the 80s every day for the rest of your life, hit up one of the billions of Qxxx stations setup on online now to sell you your memories and how great things were “in the day”. but if you want something new…if you want to hear music you just never hear elsewhere, you’re home.
pull up some speakers, crank it up, and get ready for a strong mix of the old and new together in a manner you just won’t find anywhere else. don’t believe me? hit play. on the 24×7 stream it’s just the library overall of our music. nothing planned, nothing plotted, nothing thrown at you 8 times a day. just rock and roll through the times mixed in with other forms of music to just break things up.
it ain’t easy being a renegade, but it sure the hell is a lot of fun. 🙂
tune in, crank it up, and have a wonderful day filled with great music, right here.
da berg.