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2nd Annual Rockfest Showcase!!!

After over a month of shuffling multiple schedules, dropping slots, adding slots, adding more slots, and growing several gray hairs, the 2nd Annual Showcase at Texas Rockfest 16 is  finally complete.  And this is only a small portion of over 175 bands playing at the 16th Annual Heart of Texas Rockfest.  I can only imagine the shuffling that goes on behind the scenes on that!  Big thanks and major props to Adam Brewer for keeping the tunes going year after year after year. Thanks to Adam and his crew, we rock lovers and metal heads alike get to enjoy a FREE festival during Music Week.  That’s right FREE – no wrist bands or badges needed!!   
And now, on behalf of the entire crew at and The Rockfest Man himself, we present to you the FULL Schedule for the 2nd Annual Showcase at The Heart of Texas Rockfest 16!!  
Click here for the full Showcase lineup and schedule. 
For a complete schedule of ALL the bands playing at Rockfest 16, click here.
Can’t make the showcase? has you covered!  Listen to all the action LIVE on the new second stream!  Click here to listen in starting Tuesday, March 17th!!