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sonoffabichberg, again???

Another year, another website. Or so it would seem. The last one we had never really took off but never to let failure stop me (donuts yes, failure no, unless it’s failure to stop eating donuts) I took what I learned and the team here regrouped, huddled up, took on different roles and responsibilities and here we are. We’ve put together yet another website but this one is about 90% html 5 compliant and should work 100% on phones, if not a big wonky on a few things.

Sorry. The work that goes into trying to make a site like this isn’t as easy as it looks. Unless it looks like a total bitch, then yes. Yes it is.

But when we huddled many great ideas came up and they all centered around the common goal that’s kept us going. We’re here to make renegade radio a viable place for bands to come and be heard. We’re not in this for the money. Unless it’s to spend the shit out of it then yes. Yes we…

Enough of that.

But we’re not really here for the money. We *want* the music we love and that has come to mean so much to us to be heard. We’ve revamped the site to make it easier to hear older broadcasts of live shows. We simply can’t put podcasts up because of legal reasons. We’re 100% legal to play whatever we want and we provide BMI reporting and payment to ensure we do our part to pay the artists. Hey, it’s not much but with any luck we can build up one hell of a bill to BMI – wouldn’t that be something? Think of the music we could hear along the way!

Podcasting. We can’t do it. We can play the song because we log everything we play and report on it. But if we put it up for download we’re now getting into distribution and our agreement doesn’t cover that. We can however get the bands permission to put their live sets up for download and when we have 100% original content or permission to do so, we’ll add more and more for you to listen to.

We’re a radio station after all where even I, the iceberg, can look good.  J

We do have our older interviews and live shows up to listen and download. FYI – if you hit “download” and it starts playing, that’s how you have your media set and you’ll need to right click and pick download vs just click and go. You can paginate into the playlist and listen via the site also. However here is where it can look ‘wonky” on some phones as setting the column width just isn’t easy per page. But we do what we can and this is the compromise we’ve come up with to get it out there under 1 site to keep up with.

The new site has disqus so you can dive into some commentary and be a part of the site. How friggin cool is that? If you did meander over to the legal page you likely saw the login screen and may have even given it a shot.


There’s only a need for the staff to log in so we have it here to make site updates, add stories, change the videos and so forth. Everyone else please feel free to use disqus as sean recommended it and it solved a lot of problems for me and saved time. Good call, oh twisted one!

I will be focusing a lot more on the site itself and writing. I’ll do an icehouse when I can but if sean has someone else more dedicated to the timeslot this could change. For now, I would just have separation anxiety if I didn’t have the icehouse every thurs.

Even though I’ve not done one in far too long. Write me. and say GET OFF YOUR ICE ASS AND DO A SHOW.

Which is kinda odd cause then I will be sitting on my ice ass but at least I’d be playing some music for you.

The chat room is MIA for now. (sorry steph!) addonchat didn’t keep up with the plugin security changes that Chrome did and that took away our html5 chatroom but I am looking around and doing what I can. Stay tuned.

Speaking of staying tuned – dig our new player! It now hosts both streams in 1 player, plays on every website and mobile device ever made (even the TI  99/4A damn it! Wait, that’s not very mobile) and looks damn good. I’d like to throw a special shout out to the coder who made this possible, jacky at In over 15 years of internet radio broadcasting, this is simply one of the nicest, easiest to use players out there and the only thing any better was the support direct from Jacky. He goes to “11”.

So check out the site. I didn’t pull all the old content back over because honestly it’s getting too dusty to keep doing that. The old site is there under and you can find stuff there and for fun on a late Saturday night, compare and contrast the 2 sites and tell me which is better!

The twisted one will be taking over more of the stream and show content, jemini will be here to do the newsreel that I obviously suck at and am simply not as imaginative as she was in her last one as well as doing her stairwell showcase and as for the rest…well you’ll just have to tune in and #followarenegade.