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Once Upon a Renegade newsreel…

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream” sings a tipsy, chain-smoking lady with a fake German accent.
As the chain-smoker belted this Disney tune as loud as her raspy voice would allow her to, she reminisced on how she once saw something called a Renegade Newsreel that someone with the username “Jemini” used to post on a weekly basis.
“What happened to those days?” she thought as she began to sway with the contents of a wine glass spilling onto the carpet by her feet while still singing the Sleeping Beauty tune at the top of her lungs.  As the red wine splattered onto the carpet, she abruptly ceased her singing and looked down at wine soaked carpet that barely missed staining her overpriced satin heals.
Letting out a pathetic chuckle, she raised her head and began stumbling towards the nearest seat in the smoke-filled, dimly lit, prohibition era cocktail lounge.  With every fumbling step, the contents of her wine glass jostled violently towards the rim of the glass trying to escape to make a trail of red stains onto the carpet.
After nearly rolling her ankle and completely emptying her wine glass, she managed to find a chair in a dark corner of the cocktail lounge with a loud thud.  “More wine!”  She shrieked as she raised the now empty wine glass in the air in the direction of a waiter.
While waiting for her glass to be replenished, she began to drift off into a wide-eyed deep, drunken thought, mumbling to herself in the process.  “Now, what did that newsreel have in it again?  I remember seeing it once upon a dream….”  
As the cocktail lounge faded around her, a computer screen with a browser window open to a page with words flooding into the foreground.  “We’re not dead yet…I think I’ll go for a walk now” read the blog headline in bold white letters by an iceberg.  “Oh sure, blame the guy in the dress” said another by an iceberg.  “Happy Hour!”, heralded the latest post by the twisted one. 
Not a single, solitary sign of this phantom user called “Jemini”.  Did she die?  Well, not really.  Here’s a bit of that thing called a Renegade Newsreel to prove that life is still present in the username “Jemini”.
If you haven’t already read all over Crack…err Facebook lately, DJ Syria has returned to us!!!!  Syria will be producing The Icehouse for da bergman.  Berg, I’m so looking forward to the day when Syria gets you to play a Korean pop band.  That will be oh so much fun to witness : )  Great to have you back Syria!! Details on the first Syria produced Icehouse soon!
The Twisted One continues to take over the Long Island music scene one live stream at a time.  Now he has his sights set on NYC.  Stay tuned to witness the takeover of the New York City tune scene.  He has also been bringing even more new DJs over the Renegade airwaves.  
Speaking of Renegade shows, here is the latest show schedule as of April 20th in the year of our Lord 2015:
Monday – Bad Seed Radio w/ Amen Phoenix (7-8pm central) [Amen also writes lots of really cool blogs for the site.  Blogs that are, you know, spark a conversation, are thought provoking, and more than 160 characters.  You should read them.]
Tuesday – The Stairwell Showcase (7-10pm central) [Yes, this show does still exist.  In fact, Jemini did an interview with Dauzat St. Marie a Monday or so ago and a regular tune night.  Jem-Jem will try to have another show tomorrow night (4.21.2015) but the day job will likely keep her at work late.  We shall keep you posted.  If a show ends up not taking place, you will at least get some kind of a Jemini blog post.]
Wednesday – Side B Radio w/ Stephanie Walsh (7-10pm central) [Stephanie will soon be joining us in the wonderful world of local/indie/unsigned tunes.  Don’t worry FM and satellite radio junkies she will still play some popular tunes so you can stay in your comfort zone.]
Thursday – The Icehouse w/Iceberg (7-9pm ish central) [Syria produced Icehouse shall be coming very soon!! Stay tuned for details!]
Friday – Grave Disorder w/Sean Twisted (7-10pm central) [The Long Island twisted one has his usual spot on Friday nights bringing you lots of grave and disorderly conduct as well and the latest and greatest island tune news.]
Saturday/Sunday – live stream archive and/or an actual live stream [When Twisted isn’t doing his usual show on Friday nights, he is often at a local tune venue in Long Island streaming the latest and greatest local talent.  You can catch that usually on Saturdays or Sundays.  Check the live broadcast schedule for upcoming live streams.]
Sunday – Happy Hour with Last Turn Off Broadway (7pm central) [Happy Hour?  Yes please : )  Hosted by Last Turn Off Broadway’s Artie Aldarondo and Mike Wahmann, this weekly show brings you the lighter side of the Long Island/New York tune scene.  The pilot episode aired this past Sunday (4.19.2015) and included some Revel 9 action and an interview with Jimmy G of a band by the name of Craving Strange.  Tune in this Sunday to see what the LTOB boys have in store next!  It should be a hoot. Do be sure you have your favorite adult beverage in hand.  After all, it is happy hour.]
More fun and exciting Renegade News shall come your way in another dream hopefully in a timely manner.  And now, in keeping with tradition, here is a music video for you to wrap up this Newsreel.  Here is the latest music video from a band called Pvris.  The title of said music video is “White Noise”. Enjoy!