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Show and Site News - 11.13.2016

In a blog far, far away, someone posted newsreels that contained the latest show and site news.  Congratulations, you have reached the end of the rainbow!  Your reward: the long lost blog containing the latest and greatest show and site news!  *and there was much rejoicing, and the peasants danced*The Twisted One and the rest of the Long Island, NY crew will be hosting the final live stream of the year on Saturday, December 10th in the year of our Lord 2016.  Not only will Don’t Let It’ Snow get you into the Christmas spirit, it will also......

bergs newsreel

bergs newsreel
i'm tired. sick and tired of love. i've had my fill of love. from below and above....tired. well for now i'm just tired of impersonating madeline kahn but for the most part, i'm tired of site updates. i think the biggest changes for most coming will be facebook commentary on the articles and cleaning up the look and feel. for us, it's the first MAJOR step i've taken to follow SEO guides and working to improve the site rankings themselves. so it's been a busy weekend. we've been using disqus for the longest time and in looking at our traffic, we get much more coming from facebook......

A Newsreel?!?!?!

So uh, yeah, remember those blogs we used to call Renegade Newsreels?  Well, Jemini is finally back from the middle of nowhere so there is no need to send out a search party.  This means that Renegade newsreels will slowly be gracing the main page once again with fun and exciting Renegade news.  *and there was much rejoicing* If you would like to be a part of the Renegade clan, see iceberg's newsreel on how to become a Renegade ( with one of those crazy pound signs/hash tags (whatever the hel......

#becomearenegade - let's hook up

Cliff Note Version: Add your radio show to Renegade Radio’s line up. Got a radio show but need a dependable station? Talk to us. FYI – we are *not* a hosting or service provider – we’re a radio station. Details below on what that means. Add a player to your site! Add a Renegade Radio player to your blogging/music site. In return we’ll feature your stories on our site as well and/or add your best local representation to our lineup and make the music available for other shows use when appropriate. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your player size requirements and we’ll figure it out. ......

newsreel for may - jemini MIA

do not call 911 hell, don't even bother with 411. we know she's alive, she checks in with a few cool turd pics from her field work. maybe after all these years i should be asking her what type of field work she does, but she seems to enjoy it, i can try to make the turds look like famous faces, and making this stuff up while she's out there "in the field" is kinda fun because by the time she gives me grief for doing it i'd have forgotten i did.  :) LOVE YA JEMJEM!!! more behind the scenes work going on. our new writer jessica was off in vegas not long ago and i need to get her used to ......

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16 August 2016
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16 November 2015
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18 July 2015
Attention comic readers! It's completely possible that the combination of the Marvel comic realities could be a disaster.  Using my favorite childhood comic Spider-Man as an example, he had at ...