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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

welcome to renegade radio, we hope you enjoy your stay

if you stay around and relevant long enough, even your own history page becomes outdated. that’s what is happening to us here at renegade but this is good.

damn good.

it means we’re picking up steam and out of the ashes of busted attempts by others, we’re still growing. we’ll face that hurdle ahead of how to pay our BMI fees soon enough, we hope. you see, the sooner we’re paying those fees the sooner our own “relevance” takes it up another level. it’s a problem that isn’t going away and as we continuet to grow, we’ll be facing it like other sites who’ve tried and looks like failed. speaking specifically of live365 here. i’ve known many people who ran to live365 who did it because “someone else” set it up fo them and all they had to do was push play. all well and good, i would tell such people. but you also place your entire business on that model succeeding, or as it turns out, failing.

live365 is soon to go the way of buckskin condoms and having to pump your own water out of the ground as it simply isn’t able to pay and their business model looks like won’t fly in the ever changing regulations of the internet radio minefield. rest assured, it is a minefield to stay legal these days. to date, we’ve not made any $ and to be honest, we’ve not tried.


you see, the core of us, jem, sean and i, knew we needed a lot more than the time we had and the people we’ve seen come and go to make this thing fly. we’ve kept it going out of love, dedication and at times cause we just have been too stupid to let go. we do in fact believe in it with everything we have and that’s what we’ve put in over the years.

BMI paid for 2016. they’re aware of our desire to grow and will get us a pricing model as it becomes available. til then, we simply can’t say what it will take to keep this flying but we’ve been “legal” for a decade and have no desire to ever not comply with about the only service out there working to pay the artists. that is crucial to us.

crucial, i say.

now onto the coming demise of live365. if you have a show that held an audience and was about the music, give us a shout. things to keep in mind however are that we are NOT a service. we are NOT a payday, yet. we are NOT looking for syndications of shows you can find anywhere.

we are, in fact, renegades. always have been always will be. we’ve set ourselves up to own and maintain every aspect of our destiny and that is paying off big time today. we’re picking up shows where others are giving it up and we’re here to see how the legal landscape will change over the years and how we can continue to comply with it. but by “picking up shows” please understand since we are NOT a service, we don’t want your money to have a show on renegade.

we want you.

we want your dedication to be here making a difference when at times you feel like that is the last thing possible. we want you to be a part of a family that is working with the flow to keep rock alive and well and in fact give people choices you just can’t find anywhere else. we WANT you to help us all help the scene. so if you have a show with a solid following and are looking for a home, contact us. best way to hit us all is and while this was built for songs to be submitted, tell us about yourself also.

use disqus on this article to talk about what you see here, what you like, what you don’t like, and how you could help, if that is your goal. we are changing this site on pretty much a daily basis and are working damn hard on our cloud services and how to make it easy to get your show, and music, out there.

i’ve said a lot of what we are not and hope through the rest you’ve seen who are in fact are. we are here to stay, we pride ourselves in content specific to this site in as much as possible (shows, not music) and how we have made a difference to date in getting music heard, and anxious to see what we can do next as this industy, and, changes to meet ever evolving needs.

if you want a show on renegade please listen to the stream and other shows and pop into our chats to talk to us about you. comment on the articles, write us at and let us know about you and what YOU are doing for music. we’re not too hip into syndications as for the most part that means the show is out to be heard on 20 dozen stations just like us. that ain’t us.

there i go again telling you who we are not but if i’ve not really mentioned it, who we are is up to us. as we build it, as it grows, and as people come on board with their own ideas. we listen, we talk, and we work together.

if that sounds good, hit us up. we don’t want $ to put your show here we want you to help push this bitch forward as we figure out the $ part for us all.

times like this it takes a renegade to make a difference. that’s us. piece by piece this is coming together stronger than we’ve ever been before. 2016, well, lookin damn good to be honest.


the staff