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Greetings from the Middle of Nowhere!

No, really we mean the middle of nowhere, the place Jemini now officially calls home.  The only down side to being in said place is the temperamental to nonexistent internet service provided in the place she will be staying at until the end of June 2016.  (This place is so remote the internet speeds are currently 1mbps for upload AND download speeds.  The cell phone service is all of 1 bar.  IF you are in a sweet spot, you can get 2 bars!)  There will “off” weeks where Jemini will return to “civilization” and have access to the much more reliable Big Bend Telephone internet (18mbps) at her new home in a village that has a blinking light.  [Internet and phone service aside, she must admit that it has been very peaceful and productive without all of those technological distractions.]

That said, Jemini will be scheduling some live broadcasts on the “off” weeks, but will mainly focus on podcasts (pre-recorded shows that will air at a later date) and catching up on the mountain load of blogs she needs to write.  Some of those blogs include album reviews, ramblings, The Itasca the Friendly Ghost series, and some nerdy research topics on very, very, very old things.  For now, she has managed to post a couple of stories for you, one of which is music related.  Do check them out here and here.  Better, more thoughtful blogs will be posted in the next couple of weeks.

Iceberg has also been writing some interesting blogs for the site.  In particular, you need to check out his article “millennials killed the radio star”.  It will definitely get a conversation going about people thinking that music is free these days.  Read the article and then tell us your thoughts in a comment.

As soon as Jem-Jem can catch up on the weeks of conversations with fellow DJs on what she has been missing out on, a new Renegade show newsreel shall be posted.  What is currently known is that Sean Twisted has been adding a TON of new shows to the weekly lineup and the 24/7 stream has been completely revamped.  As iceberg mentioned in the latest newsreel “offline, holler at the iceberg – explained”, we are transitioning on over to a brand new cloud server to make it much easier to switch between shows and the 24/7 stream without interruption.  That means you will be able to jam out with us without those annoying musical burps in the stream!  YAY technology!

More fun things will be posted soon so be on the lookout.  Until then, have a great Sunday and rock on!  And now, have a Revel 9 music video.  Why?  Cause Revel 9 rules!