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The Karma Effect – Promised Land

You know, there are some bands you just love from the word “go”. Maybe the music evokes some killer memories. The stories in the song hit you instantly. Or maybe the melodies just make you sing along as you’re still learning the words to this new music. The Karma Effect did this for me back in 2022 when i declared them a band to watch.

Keeping an eye on them since then, they’ve rewarded me with some singles and then finally, we reached their latest release, Promised Land. From the pre-release songs, the sound is the same. Check. The feeling evoked the same. Check. So, lets see how it all comes together, shall we?


Will they top “Doubt She’s Coming Back” that I loved oh those years ago? Right off we have Living it Up, the first song which was actually released back in 2023. Definitely a feel-good song that picks up where they left off in 2022.

Wild Honey was also a pre-release and to date, their 2nd most spotified song so far after Wrong Again, and I can see why. Same energy, same style, same free wheelin let the rock and roll fly sound. Think Black Crows in the early days.

Hey – All Night Long – time for a new song! Ok, this is a “cranker”.  Your dial needs to go to 11 to do this one justice.

Ok, I don’t go into my thoughts on every song. One of the best things of a new release is to discover your own favorites, not read about mine. Besides, at this point my favorite new release from The Karma Effect isn’t even on this release.

And I have NO idea why not.

The Thought of Loving You, the piano version.

Holy shit, guys. This is one of those times you sit back and fully comprehend other people can and do feel the way you do. The song itself is about something close to me in that i fall in love with the idea of falling in love.

A lot.

Its everything that happens after that where I tend to fall apart.

So, while my favorite “new” song from the guys is a slow ballad, it’s a bad ass slow ballad, to be sure.

Now there is a ballad on Promised Land with Still Falling For You and it came in a close second to my favorite new release from the guys.

The sound itself is an edge-based blues style rock that focuses on the music. I can hear some Gotthard in the slower songs and that is a compliment indeed. But honestly, you’ll hear a lot of things in this new release. It’s more of the same and the same was gold when I got it originally. It’s just straight-ahead rock and roll UK style.

I can’t complain at all. So many of my favorite bands are out of the UK these days.

Find them on Spotify. Buy the music and support the artist. Today’s lost landscape of music needs all of The Karma Effect it can get. Find them on Facebook also and tell them iceberg sent ya. They’ll have no idea who I am, but maybe they will and come to the states for some live shows soon and get me a photopass.  🙂

I can dream, can’t I?

Damn fine job, guys. Certainly one of the overall better releases out today.

The Karma Effect are:
Henry Gottelier (lead vocals and guitar)
Robbie Blake (guitar)
Seb Emmins (keyboards & vocals)
Liam Quinn (bass)
Ash Powell (drums & vocals)


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