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April 2022 Icepick – The Karma Effect

Took a few months off because I’ve been busy on another project I hope to launch soon and some personal reasons as well. Also, no band really stood up and said “hey, check this out” and backed it up with some catchy tunes. Did some Spotify surfing and one did today, so let’s dive in and check out The Karma Effect.

From their Spotify release page, it’s a 2022 release and self titled. The trend these days is trying to recreate the cool out of the 70s it seems. A lot of bands can sound of that era, but it’s take something more to feel like you came from there as well. Put the new release on PLAY and go back to working on said project.

I’m enjoying the background music for a few songs and then Stand makes me stop what I’m doing and start writing this. It’s a “feel good” song that starts off with that “feel” i was referring to. The vocals start and the music settles in and suddenly I’m listening to an engaging story. Suddenly I feel memories of that lost time and this song seems perfectly at home in some very old memories of my own.

Stand (added to our Spotify hot rock playlist, btw!) is the highlight of this release, but not the only good song. Save Me closes out this cumulation of their music in haunting fashion.

Now, the ones that kick things up and get the blood flowing are certainly alive and well. Doubt She’s Coming Back will have you breaking out your best air guitar. Steal Your Heart is top down head bobbing at the car next to you without a care in the world. Sing along with the chorus and rock fingers up as you pull away.

Check out the bands website, Facebook and Spotify pages. Or click on one of the videos below to be taken to their video page to see some other live footage. Check out a live version of Stand below and get to know this band.


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