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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

checkin out Scarlet Rebels

it really is getting harder and harder to write reviews. i don’t write them to fill up space, i do it to talk about some great music i found and to share. great music is just getting harder and harder to find. harder, yes. but not impossible. enter scarlet rebels.

out spotisurfing the other day, it usually goes in the same circles. however, the other day a new song came up from scarlet rebels. mask. It felt both new and familiar at the same time. the kind of song you feel at home listening to from the start.

back the truck up and check these guys out.

find a release from earlier this year, i start scannin through “see through blue”, a full 13 song release. a refrehsing change from a 4 song EP you usually find. after listening to much of everything on spotify, i’d have to say their sound is a mixture of a lot of great things. you’ll feel the style, but it’s different this time. there’s a “rough” edge that gives a human feel. it comes across as more than just music, if that makes sense.

way more at times.

im alive and take you home are the top tracks here. not because i think so, but they have gotten the most spotiplays. im alive is a bit more of the southern rock grunge without leaving core roots. take you home is straight ahead guitar rock and party vocals. take this to 11 and have at it.

and to put a smile on my face, they slow down with the best of them. not just a slow song you can play for the ladies, but one i feel i’d write if i could write this well. i can sleep now is an amazing reach inside artists hearts and minds.

you can play leave a light on for the ladies.

ok, no more off see through blue – go discover the rest for yourself.

we will however back up to 2019 and show your colors. a 14 song release. im really diggin these guys.

top song (by plays) is no one else to blame. buckle up. you’re going for a ride here. followed up by you take my breath away, you’re gonna be busy rockin pretty hard to start. now, since i try to keep to only a few songs per release, i have 12 more to go through and can only talk about 2 of em.

maybe i should break my own rule. we’ll see how it goes.

ok. i made it all the way to the 5th song, heal, before i couldn’t keep the commentary in. this is another introspection song that if you listen, my guess is it would tell you a lot about the band. this entire song will haunt you and the dual vocals bring it home in every possible way. wow.

9 more songs to go.

ok, you’re going to need to listen to these for yourself and i hope i’ve given you an idea of what to expect. the music stays within the core style but explores every aspect of it. you’ll turn it up, you’ll put headphones on to personalize it a bit more, and you’ll find your own favorite. song after song. returning light is the last i’ll say “nicely done, guys” to.

what is obvious is these guys are the real deal. you will hear a variety of styles while feeling the depth of the music. the energy, the introspection, the strange familiarity of something new. it’s all here waiting on you to hit play.

stand up, be free. (you’ll see what i did there after you hit play) and check these guys out. here’s a couple of videos to get you going.

the band
Wayne Doyle (vocals/guitar)
Chris Jones (lead guitar)
Josh Townshend (guitar)
Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde (bass)
Gary Doyle (drums)