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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

August Icepick – Pulse to Release Dragonfly 8-12-22

I’ve only seen Pulse once and that was back in 2018 at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill.  At least, I think that was the name at the time. Of course, I had my camera in hand as I tend to do at live shows. For this performance, I lowered my camera more than once. Now, only 2 things can make me put the camera down. Weight of the camera or I’m really getting into the performance.

It was an incredible performance.

After the show I picked up their 2 releases, Show Me the Way and The Sum of Our Parts. While both of these are solid on their own, they didn’t have the song I remembered the most. The Wave Between Two. The Wave Between Two is the type of song you put things down for to lose yourself in the moment. Hauntingly reflective, you can feel the energy.

And the energy is amazing.

The song came out as a single soon after, was added to my collection and visits our rotation from time to time. I encourage you to Spotify them up and get a pre-taste before the Aug 12th release. (preorder here) I saw a post for this from Sean Yeaney on Facebook and hit him up for an advanced copy and he obliged me. Thanks, dude!

Loaded up – let’s check out Dragonfly? Well, opening up, Perfect Like You sets an energetic tempo I remember from the live show and previously releases. Expectation set of something good about to happen here. That “energy” is still there.

Wake Up is a quick change of pace that diverts the overall sound form a driving guitar to something a bit more precise. Vocals take a few turns during the song as well to add something new to the sound without losing momentum.

It didn’t take long before we had our first curve ball. I mean, who could have seen a cover of Wrecking Ball? And not to be outdone, the band covers 80s Madonna hit Like a Prayer as well. Unexpected, but a pleasant surprise in the end. Good job!

Back to that “energy”. It flows through the entire release from song to song. You feel it in each and every one. It really doesn’t matter the pace or style; intensity is the same. For example, even when the music slows down for Part of Me Part of You, it moves you.

Get your pre-order in, or if we’re past Aug 12th, find Pulse on Spotify or any major outlet. In no time at all, you’ll find quite a few of the bands songs on your playlist or in your collection. Hell, I believe The Wave Between Two is already on our Hot Rock for 2022 list on Spotify as well.

Gotta check out another show soon! Find upcoming dates on the front page of their website.

The Band:
Sean Yeaney – Vocals
James Brennaman – Guitar
Justin Rainbolt – Guitar
David Hopkins – Bass
Eric Fox – Drums
Tina Grace – Keyboard and Backing Vocals