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June 2022 Icepick – King King

Music these days sure can be difficult to wade through. Finding the right sound; no not that one; what the holy hell… then in some act of Spotify desperation, you link up to another band out of the blue and you stop. Something different but familiar. Something new but a solid memory. King King? Ok, lets keep on this train, it seems to be going somewhere.

Roll into the next song and the party is still solid.  You even looked behind you to see if someone snuck in some Santana. That’s the familiar part you’ll find from influences of many artists and genres. King King is a solid blend of many things that in the end is coupled some great music of their own contribution.

This isn’t about any particular CD. I mean, hit your favorite digital distribution center and buy them all. One of the best additions I’ve made to my personal collection and radio play in a while. You see, King King didn’t just give me a song or two to add to the rotation and move on. They gave me an artist to follow and those are harder to find and gold to  me anymore.

I simply feel the music. All of it. So, let me talk about my favorites and send you on your way with a few places to start your own new favorite artist discovery time.

You Stopped the Rain. Face it, the familiar style of guitar will pull you in, but it’s the band shifting style as they go that will keep you listening. Pretty indicative of all I’ve heard so far from them. Lots of styles blended well in some great blues toned rock and roll.

The next one that took me for a ride was Everything Will be Alright. Another example of the variety this band can offer all within the same vein.

And as I go through the songs, one by one, time after time, you come to realize this has to be one hell of an energetic live show. You see, King King  *slow down* an awful lot, but they do. When they do it’s something pretty special like Lay With Me. But as you’ll see with Jealousy, even their slow songs can pack some power.

Last song I’ll get into is a smooth jazz feeling that to me wraps things up nicely.  Coming Home (Rest Your Eyes) is just that no games to play mellow rock and roll that can set your mood for days to come.

The band: from their bio
There’s no denying the momentum of the Glasgow rockers saluted as “the best blues-rock band in the world” (Blues Rock Review). But for Alan Nimmo (vocals/guitar), Zander Greenshields (bass), Andrew Scott (drums) and Jonny Dyke (organ/piano), it’s far from mission accomplished. “We’re not stopping to smell the roses,” says Alan. “We want to take this band as far as we can. ”If the year ahead weren’t so busy, King King might allow themselves a moment to reflect on the triumphs of 2017. In another year of quantum leaps, perhaps the main event was Exile & Grace. Produced by Wayne Proctor and Alan Nimmo, mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Feeder, Therapy?), this fourth album was released October 13th, unveiling a track listing that bristled with sharply observed lyrics and blues-rock firepower. “There’s an underlying theme on the new album,” explains Alan. “Some of the main songs are about the state of the world, y’know, this beautiful blue planet that’s turning into a battlefield. There’s an edgier, rockier feel this time around, but you’ve got the soulful ballads as well. It’s still King King. It’s just what we’re doing now.”

Ok, lets start off with a few videos to get you rolling.


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