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April Icepick – Black Paisley

Sometimes I try to figure out the music, sometimes the music tries to figure out me. I either get lost looking for something clever to say or looking for an impactful way to make you go listen to some music I discovered recently. But every once in awhile I just listen and love. The sound, the style, the tone and how it can hit home and somehow I have something brand new from my past. Enter Black Paisley.

Moving to Spotify recently, I ended my holdout of how people listen to music today and finally went and saw how the rest of the world discovers music. While surfing through some playlists I liked from other bands, I ran into this group and it was like a dart hitting the bullseye to me.  Describing music to me would take far too many adjectives and lets face it, one song can hit a hundred people in a hundred thousand ways. Go ahead, try to describe THAT to someone while limited to 160 characters!

For most bands I can lob out a solid list of songs I like from their arsenal of music.  Tell you about it and how it hit me in that clever way all reviewers are looking for. It works so well for me because I never want to talk about all of a release anyway, just get you started and let you go discover for yourself. But with Black Paisley, this is a near impossible task of my usual style for one major reason – I love them all.

Cop out? Maybe. But 2 things; I’m not done yet and yes, I can adjust based on how how the band hits me. If they hit me hard enough or with enough of my own style of lost emotions, I adjust.

Enter Black Paisley.

As I’ve grown older, my tastes generally while have not changed, I’ve gotten picker about what I call “good” music. I need music to remind me of my past but not BE my past, if that makes sense. While I need music to remind me of things I love, it needs to be new as well. Black Paisley isn’t just a familiar sound from my past, but something so very new for my future as well.

At first, I’d listen to a Black Paisley song and go “god damn, that hit me right in the feelz” and follow up in my mind with DO IT AGAIN. They do. Again and again and again.

And again.

At this point, I give up – there will never be a FAVORITE Black Paisley song. But they are certainly a new favorite band. If you head out to Spotify you’ll see why by simply going to their page and hitting “play”. From their first songs Run Run Run and It Ain’t Over, to 2017 with Easy and This is My Day, 2018 with Step Back and Alone I see they skipped 2019. So for 2020, we do have a new release Rambler and it simply continues on the amazing sound and style they’ve long since established.

For now, I’m going to wrap up this latest Icepick and encourage you to check out Black Paisley. Got some videos below to get you started and off on your own time of discovery. I did find All the Way to Heaven and Day by Day for 2019 so I’m going to groove on that for awhile.

– Stefan Blomqvist – Lead vocals and guitars
– Franco Santunione – Lead guitar and backing vocals
– Jan Emanuelsson – Bass
– Robert Karaszi – Drums

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