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icepick – those damn crows

the twisted one, sean twisted that is btw, stopped by our renegade chat room and threw some bands at me. for me it was “like it, like it, like it, holy shit, hold on…”

hold on here.

those damn crows got my attention. now i don’t know what they’re drinking over in the UK but most of my favorite bands lately have all been UK based. whatever it is, bottle that shit up and send it stateside and lets spread this sound as far and wide as we can. giving that facebook page a like.

those damn crows do have a current release in 2021 and it’s 18 songs long. while most bands are putting out 5 song EPs, these guys skipped lunch and went the distance on their sound and certainly “point of no return”, their 2021 effort.  as said in past articles, i seldom if ever go song by song in a review. when i do an icepick, i don’t focus on a single release either. even if it is 18 bad ass songs long.

first, lets simply talk about the sound. straight ahead rock and roll with shane greenhall providing some strong vocals that take over in the most melodic of ways. for the rest of the band we have ronnie huxford on drums, ian ‘shiner’ thomas on guitar, david winchurch also on guitar and lloyd wood on bass. together you’ll run through several variations of song arrangements each with a life of their own and a story to tell.

now while i won’t go song by song, i will cover some of my favorites off their releases. for “point of no return” set in stone certainly brings it home with driving guitars and greenhalls vocals.

so far the bulk of my experience has been the power rock – and i’ve loved every song, so far. but the question always eventually comes, can you slow it down as well as you haul that ass? “never win” answers that question and buries it forever. to make a complete song you have to tell a story in a most interesting way. but to “sell it”, the listener has to relate and see themselves living in that story. “never win” can certainly tell my story so very well.

enough of that, lets kick it back up with “hey man, look at me now” with everyone getting in on the action here and don’t think i missed that bassline! dig me some bad ass basslines!

drop back with me to 2018 and lets check out some of “murder and the motive”. easy to see “point of no return” picks up where they left off and takes their sound to another level. loving me some someone someday, rock and roll ain’t dead, seven days and of course we have what looks to have started things, blink of an eye. the piano version simply shows more depth from the band. they seem to have a lot of depth scattered about in all the right places.

now a new feature i have been digging in spotify is checking out the artist playlist and here i see some friends of mine scattered through. a few even reviewed here and 1 a house band. i’ll leave that there. this is about those damn crows and how a new sound and band can enter your life like they had always been there with the music that reminds you why you feel the things you do.

welcome to guys.

the story behind “never win”