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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

North of Never – San Antonio, TX


Introducing North of Never. Coming out of San Antonio, TX we’re getting a new sound from some old styles in music and welcome these guys into the mix. My initial reaction to the first few songs, The River and Vertigo, you get a sense of some great music on the horizon.

You’ll find them in our rotation now and as more new music comes up, well we sure to love to brag on our Renegade featured bands so we’ll be sure to let you know!

North of Never’s music can be described as melodic hard rock with metal undertones – driving rhythms, heavy guitars, synth and orchestral elements combined with passionate lyrics and unforgettable vocal melodies. The band features singer/songwriter Michael ‘MJ’ Johnson, guitarist/songwriter Michael O’Campo and guitarist/songwriter Erik Seime. 2020 has presented a unique set of challenges for the world and especially the music industry with the emergence of the global pandemic and social distancing.

North of Never was a natural fit for these conditions as each member resides in a different state. Despite what some might consider impossible, the band writes and collaborates remotely without skipping a beat.

Vertigo is the band’s first single which released May 15th 2020. The band recently released their second single June 26th titled “The River”


The Band
Michael Johnson – Vocals
Michael Ocampo – Guitar
Erik Sieme – Guitar, Production