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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Memory of a Melody – San Antonio, TX

Many years ago, Memory of a Melody faded from current view. This left behind a whole lot of incredible rock and roll in their wake. We played it from time to time here on Renegade. But lets face it.

It wasn’t the same.

Memory of a Melody is Texas legendary rock and roll. The intensity from this bands music got the attention of fans worldwide. Melody Fest was a regular event in their hometown of San Antonio filling up the AT&T Center. This, simply put, is no small feat for an “indie” band.

Needless to say, when they hung it up a few years ago, a void was left. But like a light in the darkness, Memory of a Melody was not done yet. There were rumors of a release in 2019 which we pegged to be one of the top releases of the year. To our dismay, that release didn’t happen. Now in March of 2020 while we don’t have a full release just yet, we have 3 new songs and it seems like they never left us at all.

We’ve always been a huge supporter of this band and certainly want to spread the word of their return. No news on live dates at this point but one mission in new music is accomplished.

We can only hope there’s another MelodyFest in our future.

I need a photopass if this happens, Mario! I’ve gotten so much better than the Curtain Club show!

Check ’em out and welcome them back if you know them already. Find a new favorite if you don’t.


Band Members
Mario Galdos- Vocals
Wade Sigue – Guitar
Roel Castillo – Guitar
Joel Martinez – Bass
Robin Lopez – Drums

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