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Pearl – Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry

I had the pleasure of interviewing Pearl when Little Immaculate White Fox was out and I was busy playing something off that every week. The interview is still here on our site and after what seems forever, she’s got a new release out with Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry. While I was not able to make the tour last time around, I’m already putting in for a photo pass and where ever she is close to Dallas, I’m there. I really want to see all this heartfelt emotion she puts into her music live and capture a moment or two of that in a photograph.

“Be Your Own Horses” certainly sets the tone and reintroduces her folk blues with a country twist into rock and roll that is certainly evident a song later in All I Got (Gina’s Song). Yes you read that right but I’m glad to count again the influences you’ll hear sing in and song out that make listening to Pearl an experience to be sure.

Folk. Yep. Got this covered in the honest vocals reminiscent of Janis Joplin herself. Blues? You bet. The emotional pull can certainly be traced back to the blues in her music and a country twist? That is most certainly there with the steel guitars and sorrowful tone. Pearl can certainly sing with a quieter emotional to full on power vocals to match whatever the music is asking of her. If you know where to listen, you’ll even hear a touch of religion coming at you in a gospel tone.

Living a Lie comes along and you find yourself with eyes wide shut and head waving back and forth to a breeze that simply doesn’t exist in your car without the song blowing it by you as it does so well. The rock side of the music is picking up but it’s not putting anything else down along the way, it just keeps coming together song after song.

There seems to be a lot more introspection in Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry when compared to Little Immaculate White Fox and that comes out in the growth of the lyrics and ability to pull you in emotionally in composition. Who Am I certainly captures the slower tone of the release but it will set your mind in motion in how you apply the story into your own life.

The songs themselves will drift in and out between folk rock country and blues and you’re certainly going to find your favorites along the way with so many to choose from.

As we wind down my initial run through Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry I’ve found a strong nod to country born out of an old rock and roll feeling found new the in late 60s. At times it’s like a brand new déjà vu and the next song she pulls in your memories from long ago. The tone is certainly slower in nature and mature in thought. She never really breaks free from a soulful sound with a power song but you do end up in an emotional mindset you get when one of your favorite artists puts how something so new with such strong ties to all our yesterdays.

Yes. Yes I will most certainly be seeing her as she goes on tour soon. Pick up Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry and get a new old twist on rock and country fusion with a classic folk sound.