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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

The Dirty Hooks – Icepick for June

you get bands coming at you in all sorts of places these days. submissions in e-mail, flagging renegade radio down on facebook, and the like. we love it to be honest because we get to hear a lot of great music. the dirty hooks was introduced to me by a new friend and she tipped me off this band will be coming through dallas (irving) at the toyota music factory. somehow this band landed on a dream bill of the cult, stone temple pilots and bush.

damn straight i’ll be out there with photo pass in hand, i hope!

energy. lord all mighty there some energy in these songs. the sound is a cross from blues rock that has an edge of grit to it as well; almost something you’d hear in a quentin tarantino movie. it’s certainly about as far from cookie cutter as you can get yet, feels at home at the very same time.

straight out of vegas, the dirty hooks is a power trio consisting of jenine cali on drums and vocals, bobby mccall, lead vocals and guitar, and anthony ratto iii, lead guitar and keyboards. i gotta tell ya, this is a lot of sound for 3 people and i love it!

opening up their 2012 release “electric grit” is dancing with a train. you can already see of the play on words with “dirty hooks” as that theme follows them through the entire release. the hooks are good and have a nice touch of dirt to be sure.

i won’t go song by song but rather just pull up a few to talk about that got me into the band. first up, naked city colt. the video itself looks to be filmed around vegas with the band in a cage on a flatbed. i can only imagine the dust and dirt they were covered in after driving through the desert performing the song. this one is one of my favorites but i can’t help think that i’m not supposed to pay the ferryman until he gets me to the other side. you either get that after listening to the song or you’re too young. 🙂

kerosene fire offers up a change of pace, sort of. they keep their high energy feel and still manage to create a new sound at the same time. well done. between this and moonshine hustle i’ll be struggling to find a slower favorite off this release.

again, slower being relative.

down by the riverside is straight ahead blues rock and the band, well they’re just showing off at this point.

it’s hard to believe this 2012 release has gone this far before i found it. if not for a friendship that started off with a lost credit card in deep ellum, i still may not know about this band. that would be a huge shame as they are on my summer concert list to see. if early reviews and postings of people who have seen the tour so far this year are any indication, they’re gaining fans with each and every show.

hopefully this will lead to a 2nd release cause i’m going to be wearing out the dirty hooks here on renegade and on the icehouse.


the dirty hooks videos