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ok, lets turn this up – renegade radio has gone “national”


since our inception somewhere around 2002, has been about what you don’t hear on the radio. those of us who started this trip and have come and gone over the years were all about music you just can’t hear anywhere else. we’d be out in the scene and hear some incredible stuff and think “any day this will be on FM”.

you see, FM was relevant back then.

but like reel to reel tapes, 8 tracks, am, and the CD, FM really has drifted from relevance. napster in this time has come and gone and song sharing had morphed into the culture overall. we’ve seen a lot of amazing things at renegade and even helped drive a few. but there has always been one constant in that regardless of the medium, the best of the best found it’s way to the top.

it’s defining “best of the best” that gets confusing.

what we also found is if you promote something no one else in the world is promoting, you do a lot of things alone; including listening to yourself. in the last year we’ve gone crazy in promotions with reverb nation and our own searches to bring you music we love and we do in fact believe in strongly but if you have no audience or common ground to have people gather, not many will stay very long.

no regrets. it’s all a learning process and through this we’ve found many ways to promote and not rely on just a shoutcast stream lost in a million shoutcast streams. while we may have been one of the very first internet radio stations out there, time has caught up and there’s one on every street corner and it’s become like a modern ham radio hobby. there’s a reason the industry doesn’t take internet radio seriously and while they have a very very very valid point, look what it’s already done to the self-same industry?

everything has changed and suddenly not even instant gratification is fast enough anymore.

in understanding all this we’ve come to find that noble causes die alone a lot. that or they find other ways to grow and well, we’ve been at this 15 years and learned a lot in this time and i suppose we’ll always be in a learning mode. but our next steps are to come back to our roots. not indie music roots, music roots. i mean, all music was indie before someone bought it and changed everything on that momentous day.

if you want people to listen, tell them what they want to hear. so true these days isn’t it? but for music, if you want people to listen, play what they listen to. you see, they’ll stay in places of comfort. i do. but we also want new things. i do. 🙂  so we’ve taken a focus off the indie outlet in general and putting a focus on the best of the indie – what is next, what is driving the way and what do people want to hear overall?

in that light, you’ll find our stream is more recognizable now. MUCH MORE. we’ve done things internet only stations don’t do in the last few months in this metamorphasis in that we’re now getting music direct from labels. we’re now getting news with the big boys on trends, stats, ratings and the like. we’re getting top 40 before top 40 is top 40.

we’re dam sure not going to play all of it. 21 pilots is about as likely to be played in our stream as doris day in a twisted halloween marathon. but the sick puppies, mastadon, shinedown, jack russells great white, the pretty reckless, the dead dasies, all these bands and this *sound* of todays “active” (i swear that’s their term not mine) rock and we’ll mix in the bands we’ve found who really deserve to be in this mix in blacktop mojo, eve to adam, revel 9, violet janine, messer and so forth.

the best of the indie that’s right there on the cusp that when heard in the same vein as all the great bands you know, it becomes natural and we help define a trend by riding the tide so to speak, not fighting it.

we are building out who you will find on renegade radio by national bands and our own flavor in the mix, renegade bands, or picks. we *hope to god* some of the renegade bands you know already and if not, get to know them. our job here at renegade is to build out the relationships, find out who to talk to, find out what is coming and see just a little ahead of the wave so we can stay on top, promote the best of the best, and continue to push on in an industry that is still young in this new age of instant global delivery and still hold a valid place in this world.

being “that place” where the best music is played for no other reason that it’s the best. but even right here you can compare “renegade” bands to the nationals and you’ll see we’re right.

there’s a lot of bad ass music out there waiting to be discovered. in that light we’ve gone national and hope you can “hear” the difference every hour of every day you choose to tune in. please comment on this article and let us know what you think. we want your input on what else we can do to keep you around and help you discover your next favorite band.

i found mine the other day in blacktop mojo and can’t wait to work with those guys and yes, add their music to our rotatation. if you see a band bio, we play their music. we got a lot of bios to add and music for you to hear so stick around.

welcome to the new please share the site and share your thoughts on the best music out there today we need to know about and help support.

we’re and we just turned things up to 11.