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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

icepicks – volume 1


if you’ve stuck with us for awhile, you know i used to do icepicks with Jeff Duran on FM Los Angeles. it gave me a hell of an opportunity to get bands heard in a major market and we even had Dallas vs LA where we went head to head with LA bands and won.

that came and went and while still a good idea, no real place to set it free right now, so i’ll steal my name back and put it on a different segment where i just pick 5 bands to show off as i think they’ve got a world of talent and need to be seen. kinda our entire point of being here, ya know? in this case i’ll show off some new bands and bring up maybe one or two from our own past to show you they’re still alive and kicking – worthy of respect love and admiration.

shallow side


i can’t deny through the years it’s been hard to find a reason to hold out hope for the future creation of memories i value so much in music, but with shallow side, it’s there to be sure. honest look from the band, solid sound tight across the board, and they reply back when you have a question for them.  🙂 welcome to icepicks guys! now get me more music!

deaf havana


this video i suppose is a strange choice, since it’s just an album cover distracting you from the music. then again, maybe that’s the point. deaf havana you really have to listen to in order to understand. almost in a “can you hear jimi” sense. (hush to those saying i’m being sacreligious) the depth of the lyrics can’t be underemphasized by any means and you’ll need to focus and you’ll hear a lot of “everyman” problems that the singer captures so well. if you’ve had a personal discovery of this band you’re missing out. these are the songs that will show tomorrow todays depth of artistry and a solid example it is.

issa – crossfire


let’s get this out of the way quickly shall we? HOLY SHIT THIS LADY IS HOT!!!! (for the PC aware – we are also sensitive to you vast oversensitivities and will rephrase this to…no we won’t, she’s hot. deal with it) putting that aside there’s just a comfort level in her music and voice that makes you feel like you’ve been there before. clean with a defined edge, modernly retro, and does her job in wanting you to hear the next song. well done, pretty lady.

ingram hill


much like deaf havana above, ingram hill is a definate story teller in this business. weaving impossibly between folk, country, rock and singer/songwriter you just get lost in the voice and tone and certainly the emotional roller coaster you’ll be on listening to a song such as this. in trying to keep up with the band i believe the singer went solo for a bit but in going to their site, it does say “coming soon”. not sure what happened guys, but if you can please change that to “coming back soon” and send me any advanced copy i can get. songs like miss kennedy will stay with me for life so thank you for that gift, guys.

the struts


i think i first saw these guys on itunes as i was digging for music and pretty much instantly fell in love with the energy and the obvious queen overtones. songs above like mary go round are showing a deeper side to the band than the feel good songs they’re more likely known for. coming through dallas in edgefest, you will have a chance to see them live and who knows, maybe this old fatboy will go be all edge and see this band live. they do seem VERY worth it. my one “cut it out” is to PLEASE stop rolling the vast majority of your R’s.