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All New Episodes of The Stairwell Showcase!

You read that headline correctly. Starting THIS Sunday, February 7, 2016, you get to hear all new episodes of the Stairwell Showcase!  *and there was much rejoicing, and the peasants danced*

This Sunday, we have a pre-recorded interview with Auggie Del Rey of Queen of Kings and the return of Band News!  That and you will get to hear the ENTIRE Queen of Kings EP as well as some old school Beautiful Disturbance tunes!  To get a taste of what you will be hearing on the show, have a look and listen to Queen of King’s very catchy single “Hollywood Outlaw”.

Since the next episode happens to fall on Valentines Day, we shall do a little ode to the holiday with a little history lesson on its real origins.  Then, we have a pre-recorded interview with everyone’s favorite long-haired rock star, Mr. Deuce Wanier of Trine!  To compliment this fun interview, we shall of course play lots and lots of Trine tunes!  Have a look and listen to the music video for their single “Takedown”. It will very much melt your face.

Show starts at 7pm central time (8pm eastern, 6pm pacific) only on  More fun and exciting Renegade show news shall be posted in the next day or two.  *and there was more rejoicing*