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The Stairwell Showcase Returns?!?!?!?

You read that headline correctly.  The Stariwell Showcase is back. BACK I SAY!!  After much turmoil with internet service providers and other events that took place, Jemini can finally schedule a couple of broadcasts.  Special thanks to Yvonne of Yvonne’s World for providing internet service and a place to broadcast to make these shows possible.  We love you Yvonne!!

So, the first broadcast shall be this Tuesday, November 10, 2015 that will feature new tunes from Dark Avenue, Daylight Industries, Liberty’s Exiles, Frank Palangi, The Chimpz, Downfall 2012, Killset, Radiodrone, The Chimpz, and more!!  Basically, Jemini has a LOT of catching up to do so you will be hearing a bunch of new stuff for awhile.  Show starts at 7pm central time only on

The second broadcast shall take place Tuesday, November 17, 2015 and feature everyone’s favorite primates The Chimpz!  The Chimpz shall be joining us at around 8pm central time.  In between then, we shall play every Chimpz tune we have and a bunch of other tunes from Yvonne’s bands. 

To tide you over, have a music video from none other than The Chimpz. Here is “Right to Left”.  Have a great day and rock on!