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The Newsreel is Alive!! Alive I Tell You!!

That’s right everyone, the Renegade Newsreel is baaaacckkk : )  First up a real show newsreel with relevant input on all of your favorite shows right here on!

The Happy Hour with Last Turn Off Broadway (Sundays from 8-9 eastern) –  After listening to one episode of Happy Hour, you will want to head to your local watering hole with your laptop, order a beer or adult beverage of choice, kick back and crank this up for the ENTIRE bar to hear!  Why?  Because it will make you happy!  Don’t believe us?  You can catch some of the latest episodes here and here.  They reference Fragile Rock for crying out loud!  Do be sure you tune in THIS Sunday for more fun and giggles only on!

Bad Seed Radio with Amen Phoenix (Mondays from 8-10pm eastern) – Join Amen every Monday night for some BadSeed Radio right here only on and hear anything from AC/DC, Coheed & Cambria, Everlast, Tool, Staind, Fear the Dawn, Hopsin, Jedi Mind Tricks, and a lot more!  Press that shiny “like” button on Amen’s facebook page too.

The Stairwell Showcase (Tuesdays from 7-10pm central) – Just when you thought you got rid of Jemini, guess again!  The Stairwell Showcase returns tomorrow night (November 10, 2015) with LOTS of new music!  Click here for details.

Held Back Radio (Wednesdays from 11am-1pm eastern) – Held Back Productions not only books some great shows around the greater New York area, they also have a show right here on to serenade you during your lunch break!  You will get to hear anything from Eddie Money, Craving Strange, Sucker, Samari Pizza Cats, and more.  Check them out every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm eastern right here on your favorite radio station!  If you are a band and want a show in the New York area or other areas of the USA, check out their website.   

Side B Radio (Wednesdays from 8-11pm eastern) – Stephanie is not kidding when she said Side B is the alternative side of music.  From Type O Negative to movie soundtracks and musicals, Stephanie will take you on one hell of a great tune ride every Wednesday evening right here on  Check out the latest episode and show archive here.   

Radio J (Thursdays from 12-1pm eastern) – Jam out during your Thursday lunch hour with Radio J to hear some great unsigned and independent artists right here on!

The Icehouse (Thursdays from 8-10pm eastern) – If you have been living under a rock, get out from underneath it and tune into cause The Icehouse IS BACK and ready to make those bodies hit the floor!  Dust off your hammock and get ready to chill out with the iceberg’s ever famous 9pm!  Great to have you back berg!  Everyone show him some love by tuning in, getting into the chat room, and giving him a big hug.

The Grindhouse Radio (Fridays from 12-1pm eastern) – Welcome to your Pop culture fix!  Every Friday, Brimstone, Kim, and Zambo bring you the latest and greatest pop culture news mixed with comics (cause all of us nerds love comics), tunes, movie news, and more!  Tune in right here on for your fix yo!  Click here to learn more about the comic book side of Grindhouse.

That concludes the Renegade Show newsreel for the moment.  More fun things shall be posted later this week.  To tide you over, here is some Winery Dogs with a lively tune entitled “Oblivion”.