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Cavo – The Painful Art of Letting Go


Preparing for the new release, I wanted to take a minute to go to their past. Way back into their past and look at an early effort from Cavo, just to give you a point of reference in how far this band has come. But also to tell you how far ahead of the game they started. You see, I believe we all have a private cd or two that we just keep going back to when times are great, or even when we need something familiar to get us through not so great times.

You can look at their musical career and remember songs like Champaign and Crash and even one of my personal favorites, We All Fall Down, and just “hear” the talent behind the music. The thoughts behind the voice. You just feel something as you listen to Cavo and isn’t that what this is all about?

The Painful Art of Letting Go has become one of my private favorites to be sure. Hey, it only took what, 10 years? So let’s go ahead and back up some, shall we?

It was 2000 when Cavo started coming into being out of St Louis, MO. Close friends with well-known Modern Day Zero, Chris Hobbs (guitarist) Ryan Kemp (bassist) and drummer Chad La Roy were like many bands – looking for that sound, that voice, that difference that could make their band stand out over all the rest. Out of nowhere it would seem they found Casey Walker and it was an instant “oh yea” for the band. Starting off touring as Hollow in 2001, they did add a second guitarist in Mike Tomasovich and Cavo was just a name change away. Starting off Hollow they simply kept the name but in another language. Cavo, Italian for Hollow, was born.

There’s a moment of peace that comes always when the time is wrong – painful art, cavo

The Painful Art of Letting Go released in 9/06 (wow, 9 years, not 10. Why didn’t someone correct me?) Walker invited Brian Smith to join the band as Kemp had left the band and quite honestly this is simply one of those releases you won’t get tired of listening to. Each song seems to tell its own story and you can tell it’s real. You can feel it in the music and that is what it’s all about. Feeling everything you can that the artists deliver.

I can’t say this is their most popular release. That would likely come next with Champaign in 08 as they rose to national attention and the rest, you likely know. Or at least a lot more familiar with, so let’s get back to one of the efforts that was there before the world met Cavo. With Thick as Thieves they became much more of a household name in the world of music and what is this? A new release on the horizon? I get ahead of myself.

It all seems so pointless today. The words are just walking away. Making this up as you go, holding my dreams to make them your own. Hard to Believe, Cavo

I would like to say that Cavo got better as time moved on and in many ways that would be a very true statement. You can’t stay with your craft for this long and get this kind of positive attention and *not* get better at what you were already inherently good at doing. But this is still something special. I find myself time and again hitting rewind not just to sing along but to make sure I understand the lyrics and what is being said.

In the “The Painful Art” that’s one of the things you’ll really *want* to do. Get lost in the words and the emotions placed around them. Hard to Believe has become my favorite “go to” song on one of my private “go to” releases. It certainly adult oriented music and honestly something to think about while you listen and that’s part of the art behind this “painful art”.

there was a time when I could not believe all the things you sold to me
when it’s only you, and only me but it’s over, over
I need to feel this life again, take away my world
you left me sober you left me sober
Awake, Cavo.

I will push onto later in life as Bright Nights Dark Days was released, “We All Fall Down” was my feature pick on Icepicks, played out of LA on the Jeff Duran show and the song itself was put into rotation immediately afterwards and to a large degree in my own mind validated why I was doing Icepicks, picking lesser known bands and songs, even indie music, and getting it prime time LA ears. It was a good connection for Renegade Radio and I hope to find one again. HOWEVER, I digress again but it’s still about Cavo so I’ll let it slide.

Can you tell me where to go, it’s killing me and no one knows, Inside with all this mind, we waste the sunlight waiting for the night – Disappear; Cavo.

And now, there’s rumors of another release coming and I believe I’ll head out and get my order in. I was going to make a pledge to help ensure this happens but they hit their goal and new Cavo is scheduled to make an appearance soon.

Just not soon enough. Keep it rockin, Cavo. You’ll always have a home here on RenegadeRadio.Net.