Heaven Below - Good Morning Apocalypse

Heaven Below - Good Morning Apocalypse

Concept albums are far from new. Most fall short of any individual goal to tell a story more so than just put out an album loosely tied together with the "concept" of a story that doesn't really get told in the album. The most notable examples of these I can remember would include Styx with Mr Roboto and KISS with their hidden gem, The Elder.

Now, the list of successful concept albums grows in ranks as Heaven Below releases "Good Morning, Apocalypse" and the story of Dr Faust’s (inspired by the German legend of Faust) dealings with the devil in his own struggle with life. I do suggest you read the story here so you can better understand the concept and story going on or you're going to miss most of the fun and just walk away thinking this is just a simple great rock and roll album.

It is, to be sure. It's also a whole lot more.

Backing up to understand the man behind this particular Apocalypse, let's take a look at Mr Patrick Kennison. I first came across this very talented and driven musician awhile back with their rock song "When Daylight Dies". Quickly a personal favorite song, the band/musician has continued to impress and it's been nothing short of amazing to watch him grow, succeed and most recently on tour with Lita Ford here at the Gas Monkey, Dallas. Here I finally go to see him live, along with a few thousand others with my own personal Rock Legends. Thankful for my photo pass I got to not only jam while photographing him, but I was close enough to tell you what brand shoelaces he was wearing. I didn't look, mind you. Too busy rockin out.

Before hitting the road with Lita Ford, Patrick did put out some phenomenal covers of Losers and Winners, Out in the Cold, Pull Me Under and Subdivisions that just show the depth Kennison is capable of and influences he chooses to pull from – all very ‘cerebral’ choices.

Now, back to Good Morning, Apocalypse – well done, Mr Kennison, very well done.

If you’re looking for a cd to just put in and not think about it you can do that here, sure. But you’re missing a vast majority of effort that went into this story and it would be the same as seeing a twitter post that said something about war and peace and thinking you actually read “War and Peace”. Do yourself a favor and read the story, pop a cold one, understand the “concept” going on here and the roles the songs have to do with the story unfolding and you will lose yourself in a modern rock story done with the attention to detail so seldom seen in the world of music today.

At this point just go get the CD from iTunes, Amazon or anywhere you can to actually support this incredible effort by Heaven Below. If you’re one of the fortunate ones who can see their CD release party, my jealousy rages as you're gonna catch pretty much the grand finale of rock shows for 2016. Hanging with the band that night is with The Chimpz, Edge of Paradise and of course, Heaven Below Featuring Undo Dirkschneider, Jason McMaster, Lita Ford and Kobra Page at the Viper Room, Nov 4th. Patrick - why a Sunday Night? This would be worth flying from Dallas to see live and I’m still seeing if I could swing it! (date edited from 11th to the correct date, the 4th. See bands tour page for all correct dates)

Don't miss this release and make sure you prepare yourself first for the Apocalypse. :)

Heaven Below
Patrick Kennison - Vocals / Guitars
Lucas Kanopa - Guitars
John Younger - Bass
Shad Wilheim - Drums

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