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Marshall Potts – The Storm (review)

Finding good music for the sake of good music is getting harder and harder to do. Seems styles are being reinvented by the hour and bands can be more focused on doing something no one has ever done vs. just putting out solid music you can get into. Not long ago I ran into Marshall Potts’s music and there was certainly something different, but the difference was good.

Real good.

In his 2022 release The Storm, there’s a certain familiarity of the sound where everything seems to line up. The sound is rock countryfied with a singer / songwriter type influence. The music doesn’t live solely in one realm, but blends all styles very well.

Free and Easy is where things start and I suppose it’s about as good an introduction to his music as any on The Storm. A bit of a slower  intro then we get into the story behind the song. Solid start, Mr Potts, solid start. Lets see what else you got.

Next up, title cut, The Storm. Potts now gives us a great style change that has a old time western feel with some haunting vocals. The mixed in voice at the end used as a backing vocal is genius. This adds to the emotional element without pulling focus away from the core.

I do skip around on reviews and try to pull out a few favorites to talk about, letting you discover the rest on your own. That said, lets skip to Heaven or Home. Of all the songs on The Storm, this is likely the one getting the most attention. It’s the type of song you’ll keep hitting rewind on until you learn the lyrics and can sing along.

Then again, that goes for many songs on The Storm.

The entire release is easy to get lost in while listening to it. You’ll hear singer / songwriter, country and rock all blended together so very well. The end result is a great release that certainly is deserving of your time. I’ll include a video or two to get you started, then I suggest you hit his spotify page and listen for yourself.

The Band:
Marshall Potts – Singer / Songwriter
Adam Eason – Drums
Kirby Kaye – Guitar
Stephen G Franz – Bass
Mitchell Potts – Keyboard