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Introducing Godfather TV with Jeff Dennis

One thing I’ve noticed in all my years moving around the sun is that the cool people usually wind up with cool nicknames. Invariably, the cooler the nickname, the cooler the story behind it and the more amazing are the people who wear these badges of honor. The Godfather, for example. carries a certain weight on its own. Better have the chops to pull that one off.

And I can promise you, Jeff Dennis has the chops.

A part of the DFW local scene since 1978, Dennis has done it all. Band management, music reviews, (even for Renegade a few lifetimes ago), promoter and even sold local music in his own music store along the way. His children have also proven to be incredibly talented in their own right.

The Godfather was even in his own band in the early 80s, Eruption. They had the drummer for Rigor Mortis and played with the kids in Pantera.

Definitely has all the right history.

When asked about the source of the moniker, Dennis laughed. “Well, by default I am the oldest local music supporter” he began. “Add that to being around for so long I started getting called that by my peers. After a while, it stuck”.

Suffice it to say I could easily do “an evening with” full story over Dennis, and one day we may get together and do just that. You’re not this heavily involved in the local scene for 44+ years and not have some incredible stories to tell!

And that brings us to Godfather TV. This is Dennis’s own production with some other very talented people helping to bring you these stories and history that no one else could. Together with Al Mead and Charles Encinias, we roll. Episode 1 of Godfather TV and we’re damn proud to help The Godfather spread his word.