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january icepick – blackwater conspiracy

playing around on the internets, searching for more new music to play and of course, love; you sometimes get lucky. while i can’t tell you what road took me to blackwater conspiracy, thank the web searches it did. load up some spotify, dig in deeper, and find your latest favorite band.

hell yea.

so, the sound.  touch of country; touch of georgia satellites, and touch of counting crows. at times, a touch of tom keifer in the vocals. definitely a strong, gritty sound. flirting with many of the southern styles, the mix ultimately that sees the light of day is quite amazing indeed. very cool for 5 guys from northern ireland.

starting off in 2017 from “shootin the breeze”, penny for your dirty mind stands out right away. great hooks, their sound comes through loud and clear and shows off a bit of a slow side. dig it, oh yea.

wow. couple of songs later we take into hanging tree and guitars are gettin busy. light drum in the background moving things along, haunting vocals telling a blues story you’d find in the south.

shoot the breeze is another standout. won’t be long you’ll close your eyes and sing along with all you have.

as normal, i won’t talk about all the songs. i can say all the songs are simply well done and each hold their own. now lets hop on over to 2020 and check out “two tails and the dirty truth of love and revolution”.  this was rumored to have won longest titled release of 2020.

i’ll save what i consider the best for last and once again, it’s a close race as the entire release is solid. soul revolutionaries is a bit of an anthem you can’t help but get lost in. in another lifetime could define any of us, and the last song, atlanta smile damn it, needs more plays on spotify.

but the defining song for the band that combines all i started out with above. a touch of country, maybe even 70s feel good country, and southern rock in general. all wired wrong should without a doubt simply be a great introduction to a fantastic band out of ireland.

blackwater conspiracy – starting off 2022 icepicks very strong and welcome to the renegade rotation guys! many songs found a home here. check them out for yourselves and give yourself a lot of time. you’re gonna be hitting rewind a lot, learning some words and tunes, then singing along before you’re done.


Phil Conalane – Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Brian Mallon – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Kie McMurray – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals
Aaron Connelly – Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Fionn O’Hagain – Drums


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