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may icepicks – band-maid

ok, i’m going to be 100% up front. other than a few japanese words styx taught me in the 80s and the occasional times band-maid uses english in their music, i have zero idea what they are saying. for all i know they could be singing something like “that iceberg rides camels backwards while slappin their booty with a camel booty slappin stick” and i’d still be on my end raging up an amazing “HELL YEA”!!!!

to be honest, that would actually be pretty cool, huh? the lyrics, not actually riding camels around.

to be just as honest, there are times it simply doesn’t matter. music is something you “feel” and connect with. that “connection” is the understanding to me. while lyrical comprehension is something we associate with great music, there are many times i never really knew what the song was talking about anyway. insert almost any 80s song here. For years I’d be singing along and it won’t be until i read the lyrics that i go “wow, that’s what they are singing about”?

so i’m going to tap into that universal part of music when i talk about this months icepicks, band-maid.

like many of us this “quarantine” period, we’ve been inventive in what we do to pass the time. being into music with this whole radio station thing, i dug into youtube surfing for some good bands. long ago in my drinking and online gaming days a friend introduced me to scandal. on a nostalgic whim i went and looked for that memory. along the way of my search, headphones on and world tuned out, this bassline said “get the fuck over here”

so i did.

it was at this time i saw misa just flat destroying the bass. i was memorized. connected. you know the type. something lingering from your past memories of great music says you’ve discovered something. something great. then as you think wow, that was amazing you realize it’s phase that was just phase 1. at 1:35 of the video below, we shift gears and kanami shows she’s every bit as talented on guitar as misa is on bass.

phase 2 of my intro to band-maid.

in watching the videos and listening to what i can so far,  band-maid is simply a very solid rock/metal band that can carry their weight anywhere in the world. with honors. from their videos you sense an energy between the band and audience that combines into that special emotional connection. music hits the heart and my heart has certainly been taken by band-maids. i’m grateful to see the future of rock in the hands of bands like these young ladies.

got their links below. not only is band-maid this months icepick of bad ass rocks and metal you need to know about, i’ll be adding them to our renegade showcase. if they ever make it back to the states, much less dallas, i’ll be hitting up whoever i can for a photopass and making SURE i catch them next time through.

time to go find what i can and buy out the collection. i feel like i got a whole lot more to discover and just at the “tip of the iceberg”.  i’m sure after giving them a chance you’ll feel what i’m talking about. now go make your own emotional connection.


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