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Welcome to the New Renegade Radio Site

Every once in awhile, I simply get bored and decided to redo just about everything. We spend the bulk of our life on a Joomla based platform and it was “ok”. However dev support was falling off and WordPress was taking off to be more than a blog service. I morphed over a template and created our first site under WP and honestly, it was time to “refresh”.

We’re still most definitely under WordPress, but we’ve lightened up the pages and stopped doing everything in a single row. We’ve also added a focus on local Dallas sports of all types and look to be expanding our coverage into other events of this nature in the future.

I do need to revamp our galleries section so thats MIA or hit and miss for the rest of this week. I’ve also got several to add from national acts passing through Dallas to some incredible locals and tribute bands I’ve been catching lately. I’ve put in for many events from KEGL’s BFD lineup to Alice Cooper to Alan Parsons Project.

Then again, I’ve not heard back on Alan Parsons and they play this week at the bomb factory. Hoping REO Speedwagon gets back to me also.

Ok, enough name dropping on who I hope to photograph this year but I am shooting for Journey in Aug here in the Dallas area. Then again they have want ads out for a bass player and drummer.


Also, I’m not quite sure why I stopped doing Icepicks, but I’ve dusted that off and it’s alive again starting in April. Got a new rock and roll band I need to check out? Mail me and link me up!

Til then, give pandora, spotify and other streaming sites a break and check out the unique mix here on Renegade!