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Artist Spotlight – Black Water Greed

The following is from Yvonnes World who constantly sends great music our way. Black Water Greed is added to the list. Written by Daniel Morrison.

What happens in Pennsylvania when you put Michael Mundy, Andy (IOS) Patzer, Bill Kahler and JJ Tyson together in a room?  Black Water Greed. A hard rock band, not a metaphor.

When I listened to them I was reminded a bit of 90’s style rock with a modern sound.  Artists like Skid Row, Babylon A.D., and the like. To explain it further their production sound is not hard as nails.  The guitars are smooth distortion, the drums carry a not-too-crazy rhythm and the vocals don’t do a lot of crazy stuff.  Although they don’t have near the hits, or melodies that stick out from the bands I mentioned there is a catchy tune called, Walk Away which is a double win in regards to expressing a toxic relationship, how it can crumble your soul and how the only logical and best way to keep yourself from going down a dark path is to walk away.  This is brilliant!

The single has helped keep them afloat for years and garnered a nice fan base.  Just recently they teamed up with Producer David Mobley to help get a debut album realized and released.  This rock infused album, Circle of Sin, spins stories of similar issues with what seems like a desire to have you not just rock out but get out, as in get out of what’s pulling you down.  Not every song, of course, but you can feel the impressions as you listen.

From my own vantage point, these guys are definitely “legit”. Great sound, solid lyrics and arrangements, and the core of what rock and roll should be. Rest assured, these guys are alive and well on Renegade Radio.

The Lineup:
Michael Mundy – Lead Vocals
JJ Tyson – drums
iOS (Andy) Patzer – guitars backup vocals
Bill Kahler – bass guitar backup vocals