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Twisted’s Top Upcoming Releases for 2018!

We’re back again, Kids! You heard ALL about my Top Releases for 2017 and my top new finds for 2017, So now it’s time to start looking to the future – But not too far. We’re less than Two weeks into 2018 and There’s surely a bunch of cool new stuff that will be coming out – a LOT of it will be coming from our friends, So why not take a gander and maybe even get a little excited for what’s coming up!

Sweet Tooth – The Second EP.  Our boys in the ‘Tooth will be heading into the studio again this spring to start on their second EP, with a hopeful late 2018 Release! (Yeah. We’ll be there to stream it or Host it either way!)

The Dead Deads – Officially announced, The Dead Deads will be releasing a new record (Full-length?) On January 26th! That’s a day before my birthday. I’m taking credit for this one, guys – You’re welcome!

Revel 9 – It’s been near 3 years since their last release, “The Reality Crush” And there have been posts ALL over social media about recordings and Masters. Could it be a Full length Record? An EP? New Singles? We’re keeping a crooked eye on this one, folks.

Last Turn Of Broadway – The gang has dropped several singles over the last two years, and have been hard at work in the studio getting ready to break out “2”. Details are still up in the Air as to exactly WHEN (Or at least, we’re being kept in the dark..) But, Without a doubt we should all be looking forward to their Sophomore release Sometime before 2019 hits. Maybe.

Jimmy G Solo record – “Jimmy’s Blue Notebook” Has been recorded and officially mastered – I was given a copy of the Craving Strange frontman’s new debut solo effort to review and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT (Admittedly, it’s difficult for me to just give an unbiased review on a friend’s record – but I’ll bite and will definitely be writing one up). Officially, no release date has been set – But all things come to those who wait…

Scandroid – With a new single (“Time Crime”) Dropping on 1/12, if last year is any indication of Klayton’s recording patterns, We’ll be looking forward to a multitude of remixes coming from his “Monochrome” release – and we’ll also be expecting his THIRD full-length album sometime later this year!

Monster Magnet – Officially announced, The rockers will be releasing their 11th full length album on March 23rd 2017, titled “Mindfucker” –  In a press release, the album “is different, a step forward and a step back at the same time to the almighty roots of hard rock music, kindled by the unpretentious proto-punk era. Up-tempo, savage in both sound and spirit, ‘Mindfucker’ is the real deal! The album has the potential to surprise and to whip up the love for the genre, while still giving the sludgies and stoner freaks exactly what they wish for in a new Monster Magnet album.”

Wake The Sun – The boys have been hard at work on their follow up to their self-titled 2015 EP, And we’ll hopefully be hearing some news soon regarding an official title/release date, as they have most certainly been teasing something “Soon” via social media! We’re looking forward to getting them back on to a showcase!

Dellacoma – With a recent lineup change, Australian rockers Dellacoma are hard at work on their Sophomore album, Which will hopefully be looking around a spring/early summer release before setting out for another round of international touring. We haven’t seen the boys in some time – so we will DEFINITELY be around to stream & bring their Long Island show to you live!

Honor Among Thieves – The gang has been a little light on shows lately as they’ve been busily working on the followup to THEIR self-titled release – We’re on the edge of Our seats here waiting for a taste of what’s to come (We’ve caught some of their new tracks live, which clearly is NOT enough!) So the second we have details, you’ll surely be the first to know! Be on the lookout for some news (hopefully) soon regarding our next Showcase featuring these guys!

Off The Turnpike – The last we heard from these guys, They too were doing Studio things and getting ready to make some Magic happen. Word is they’re getting pretty close – and if you’re anything like us, you’re getting close at the idea of new music from them too! When we know, You’ll know!

What new releases are YOU looking forward to in 2018? Let us know!