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Twisted’s Top 10 of 2016!


Hey Everybody! 

Every now and again I get around to writing a thing. I most certainly should do so more often, but, reasons. So let’s get on with it shall we?

For some, 2016 was a Steaming pile of Horseshit. It seemed like everybody lost at least one or two idols with the Grim Reaper claiming so many celebrities. The media catastrophe that was the U.S. Presidential Election stressed everybody out. We won’t even bring up Brexit. Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad left a LOT of us hardcore fans disappointed, but they still killed the box office.

There were a few good things that came out of 2016, though. I mean – We got a Farking Deadpool movie! An actual GOOD ‘new’ Star Trek movie, We got to see The Avengers 2.5 (Aka Civil War), Westworld and Luke Cage blew my mind and finally we got a decent Ghost Rider AND Jon Berthnal’s Punisher.. 

 There was also a LOT of good music coming out of 2016, and I was able to be a part of a lot of really, really solid shows. I managed to catch Here Come The Mummies twice, And we also hosted full artists showcases at THREE venues on Long Island that, we hadn’t really worked with prior. We hosted (Booked and organized) a total of 8 shows, And also simulcasted Several others, including the NFU Cd Release at Napper Tandy’s!

Here’s a top 10 List of artists who You should be checking out RIGHT NOW (That I either discovered or Put out new music in 2016) – In no particular order – 


If I were to make a 1980’s new wave album based on a a hybrid Bladerunner/Akira dream, it still wouldn’t sound as good as this. A side project of Industrial-Rocker Celldweller, This is something you seriously should be checking out right now. 

Bound By Substance

I’d heard the name a number of times but never really followed through on checking them out. Back in August, we hosted our first “Disconnected & Unplugged” Showcase, which was an entire acoustic night (That we didn’t even stream!) – and featured our pal, Revel 9 frontman D.J. Pearlman, who happened to cover their song, “Garden State Prison”. 
There’s a reason I asked them to perform at my Birthday Bash later this month (1/28/17 from The Crooked Rail! Yes, We’re streaming it.)


Another band that I’d heard of through the grapevine, But never followed through on. In July, our pals in Dellacoma reached out about setting up a show, and ended up bringing an entire Bowery Electric lineup with them to The Crooked Rail for our Summer BBQ bash featuring Midnight Mob, On Top, Mother and Dellacoma. Mother ended up coming back to play at our October 8th showcase with Craving Strange and Audio Impulse.. 
And they’ll be back playing with the previously mentioned Bound By Substance, Revel 9 and Off The Turnpike at that Birthday bash later this month!


Now these Rockers from Sweden, happened upon one of those “Discover weekly” lists on Spotify. Yes, I use Spotify on a semi-regular basis – mainly to find stuff i hadn’t heard of before. I could go on a tangent, but hey – ain’t nobody got time for that. 
Let me tell you – When i first heard “Superman is Dead”, i did a double take. and a triple take. Ok, Fine – Their album “The Last Of Us” Stayed on repeat in my car stereo for about two weeks straight.. 

Galaxy Safari

While they may not be NEW to you renegades (I’ve been playing “Nothing” For a few years now) – These rockers from Sweden (I’m sensing a pattern here..) recently released a Brand-spankin’ new EP, “Seconds Out” – which I’ve absolutely been obsessing over. The title track alone absolutely KILLS. 

Honor Among Thieves

On my Birthday in 2016, my pals in Craving Strange played a gig at Arlene’s Grocery in the city along with Dead Rocking Horse and Acey Slade. I met Dead Rocking Horse’s drummer, The (probably) legendary “Late Night” Dave Brooks. We started talking about his other project, “Honor Among Thieves”. 8 Months later i brought them out to The Crooked Rail for our September showcase.. 
They’ll be back. 


A solo project from Last Turn Off Broadway’s Mike Wahman. Who has, as a solo-act, performed at TWO of our showcases already! (Soon to be 3…) Seriously, Check this immensely talented kid out. “Vantage Point” is a personal favorite.


I met the guitarist for these rockers, Antoinette, back at the Arlene’s show. Another NYC band that will DEFINITELY be coming to Long Island, soon as we get the right show lineup. Check out their single “Lip Service” Below! 

Tiberius Jonez

Back in December, we teamed up with NFU, The Avoiders, Ionize and Tiberius Jonez to bring you the Don’t Let It Snow showcase at Katie’s in Smithtown, NY. Tiberius wow’ed us BIG time – and they were the openers! They’re another band that you’ll be sure to hear about from us in 2017! 

Cruel Miracle

I’m an on/off Gamer. When I’m on, I’ll binge, and then I won’t play for weeks or months at a time. One game I happened to binge upon quite a bit this year was Fallout 4 – And one of the cool things that Bethesda likes to do with their games, is let users incorporate Modifiers (Mods) that affect game play – They could be active mods that say, increase the height your character can jump, or increase the power of a weapon, for example. Some are passive, such as adjusting textures so they look more realistic or absurd. Some can change the Background music. 
Why am I going off topic? I’m not. 
I installed a mod which included a bunch of music from some independent rock bands. One of those bands, happened to be from Boston, by the name of Cruel Miracle. The track, “Get Some” hooked me immediately, and i HAD to find out more about them. Turns out they were playing that weekend (Which i had off..) at a DIY music festival in Rhode Island, called “Fyrefest”. A whole bunch of connections were made, and thanks to Fallout 4, You’ll be catching (hopefully) a few of those bands here on Long Island later on in 2017. Including bands such as Tester, Blind Revision, The Goddamn Draculas, and more. 

Here’s some links to the bands mentioned above (That I didn’t ramble about..)