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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Renegade Nation?


In the culinary world I believe it’s called a “fusion” when you merge 2 ideas into 1. I’m sure in many areas it’s called a lot of things but when not rocking I’m usually feeding my food habit so this is a handy reference to me. J

Not long ago the twisted one came to me and said that reverb nation was expanding their reach and working more to help not only artists, but promoters like us. After a few there was nothing to lose, all to gain, and we’re in. we’ll be working on tweaking our page you can find here on Reverb. We will be adding more for local shows in Long Island and If all is going well, we’ll look to working with bands in Dallas also to start 2017. For the meantime we’re looking to expand our 24×7 rotation and find bands from ReverbNation to play and promote as well.

In the coming months, we’ll also be looking to add band vs. band contests to highlight their music and get more people interested in even more great music you can in fact find out there. As we get more familiar with what is offered and what we can do with Reverb, look for more coop promotional opportunities for all including live streaming events, bands vs. bands both live and simple song contests, interviews online and written and more.

We’ve been around for 15+ years yea, but in many ways, things are just getting started. Bookmark us and let’s do this!