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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

getting cramped up here on facebook…


a lot has been going on over the last year or more and a lot of it out of new york city. now while a bad place for salsa as any pace commercial will tell you, it’s a pretty damn good place for rock and roll and a very supportive scene. our own twisted one took over programming awhile back while i took the 24×7 stream again and focused on the site and just how we do things. it’s been pretty obvious in some of the changes mr twisted has done – look at this main pick and check out our facebook page.

well and 20 other social media sites. is it me or are those little buggers all over the place?

but in trying to redo the main graphic for facebook i came to realize that we’ve come a long way. like all places such as this we’d love to have more people listening, but we’re working on it. first and foremost the base of any good radio station has to be the programming and the technical capabilities.

while i think you can see the programming mr twisted has done – let me help you take a peek behind the scenes of our rock and roll paradise here and help you see what we’ve done behind the scenes.

previously it was work to setup a schedule, stop the stream, allow a login takeover, start it back automatically if the login fails, oops login late now find someone to get stream – and yea. that sucked. not so much for you but a lot for us. problem solved by basically getting our own “virtual” server hosted by our family and friends zee-way and then we got our own centova license so we can set schedules, all remote logins automatically (fixing the above hellhole) alter our rotation, and even provide much more granular reporting to BMI so we can stay legal and alive in this vicsious world we’re all a part of these days.

we’ve redone the site so it looks “better” on mobile devices but we’ve still got some work there but for now, no more major site changes. let’s just play in the playground we have and when good ideas come about for change, we’ll change. we’re easy like that.

we’ve also made backend changes to allow our bloggers better access but ya know what? i’m not done here. i’d love to have some others blog about their local scene and help us continue to find music. interested in helping us in your local area? hit up iceberg and let him know how you can help promote your scene here on renegade. we’re all about getting the rest of the music heard, ya know? help us help you help them. take THAT jerry mcguire!

i’m gonna wrap up for now and again reiterate we’d love to help you in your local scene and can adjust our site as bloggers come on board. keep in mind you can put up videos, interviews and anything you like EXCEPT – downloadable music. we’re NOT in that business so we don’t cross that line.

in any event, local renegade is now active and i’ll be trying to recruit some bloggers to help promote the local scenes near you.

thanks for partying with us and we’ll talk soon!