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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Administer CPR….CLEAR!! We have a PULSE!!!

Thanks to AED’s, the newsreel is still alive and kicking these days.  Oh the wonders of modern medical technology!

And now for a NEWSREEL!!  Contain yourselves as you are not allowed to collapse and have a heart attack on us.  We are armed with an AED to revive you if need be and are not afraid to use it.

Your first shock to the heart is the 2nd Annual Halloween Showcase THIS SATURDAY, October 31, 2015 at Even Flow Bar and Grill in Bayshore, NY!!  Did we scare you yet?  If not, the details of this terrifically scary show will frighten you so much you will be compelled to attend!  This year’s lineup includes:

Craving Strange – This band not only kicks ass, they are a great group of people.  They love their hometown fans and listeners on so much they are flying in all the way from CHINA to play this show for YOU!  Show them some love in return by either going to this show and/or tuning into the live stream right here on!

Last Turn Off Broadway – If you are familiar with their Happy Hour show right here on, you will know how much fun these guys are.  Attend this show and you will get a live action Happy Hour complete with a full LTOB set!

Midnight Mob – Come to this show and you just might hear some new tunes off of their latest EP Honest Brutal Glorious!

Jahsh & The Clique-Like Posse – Click on the band’s name and go press that shiny “Like” button on their Facebook page.

Revel 9 – You know you want to hear and see Revel 9 live.  Why?  Because Revel 9 rules!  If that doesn’t motivate you, this show will double as the CD release for their latest album The Reality Crush.  That means you get to hear new Revel 9 tunes LIVE!!  

And a surprise act to be announced!  Could the Grim Reaper be showing up to play a silent set for you that will wake the dead?  Will a bunch of mummies or zombies take the stage?  To find out, GO TO THIS SHOW!!

Doors are at 7pm eastern time, it will cost $10 to get in (which is a bargain for this lineup!), and you must be 18 years or older to attend this show.  Come in dressed in your best Halloween costume because there is a good chance YOU could win the costume contest that night!  We are told there are some BIG prizes so make sure you dress to impress!

Venue Address (for those that can physically make it):
Even Flow Bar and Grill
150 E. Main St.
Bayshore, NY

If you can’t physically make it to the show, don’t worry we have you covered.  The Twisted One will be streaming the ENTIRE show LIVE right here on!

See you at Even Flow and in the chat room!