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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

craving strange – a life exceptional

“Dirty Rock” kicks off the release with one hell of a groove.. You can’t help but want to dance in your seat with that deep, gutteral bass line from Tommy Wendt.. Then it’s all guns blazing as  you’ve got the Anthem-like “Your Last Day Alive”“Here and Gone” is one that sticks out as well  – Catchy rhythm & Passionate lyrics all in a tight package. Then there’s the title track, “A Life Exceptional” which SCREAMS crowd-pleaser – and that’s not a bad thing. “Do You Remember” has possibly some of the most powerful lyrics on the album, it tells a story, sucks you in, and leaves you craving so so much more, which “Break The Skin” gladly delivers on with it’s again, catchy melody and anthematic chorus. “More than Myself” outright should have every damn promoter and big-time record company executive out there saying “you’re gonna go far.”“Denial” takes the momentum the other songs have already established. “Incomplete” doesn’t dissapoint, and the album closes out with “Would You Do The Same” which I can’t seem to get out of my head on any given day. Also included are a few ‘Bonus’ tracks – including previous single “Angeline” , b-side “Breathe” and an edited cut of “Your Last Day Alive”.
If there’s anything you should take from this review, it’s that plain and simple, “A Life Exceptional” is a damn strong release. Every tune has the potential to hold it’s own as a single.  A game changer? If the right person hears it, I bet it very well could be. Craving Strange shows that they’re here to play. They’re here to give you the best, and show you that the independant artist is not a dying breed.  And we’re damned proud to have them aboard. 
We’re also damned excited to be live-streaming the CD release on 2/28/14 from Revolution in Amityville NY!
Craving Strange is:
Jimmy G – vocals/guitar
Matt Abbate – Guitar
Jimi Tassone – drums
Tommy Wendt – bass