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Brobusters vs. Galbusters


Here are the facts.  Ghostbusters, the 1984 movie about the destruction of New York City by a giant marshmallow, and a woman demon dressed in bubblewrap, and an obvious 1980’s supermodel haircut is getting remade. 

Gone will be Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, Winston Zedmore, and Egon Spengler…and these characters are so big, that they need to be replaced with 4 women, and an unnamed amount of males.

A few months ago Sony green-lit an all female reboot of the GB universe, directed by Bridesmaids director, Paul Feig.  It does have the blessing of both Dan Ackroyd, and Ivan Reitman… the original stories creators, so good. Feminists, women and men who just wanted female Ghostbusters, and those who just want to be entertained by the created world cheered. 

Those who fear change of what they know, automatic reboot haters, and those who believe that women should only be barefoot and pregnant making their men sandwiches cried in terror.

Some of us don’t care, because in the end owners of the property can do what they want with it. 

Now, a second movie is in the works… and the only thing that people know for sure is that four guys will be in it.  It might be a sequel, along the lines of what Ackroyd has been pitching for years, it might be a full reboot, or it might be a movie that takes place in the same universe as the original.

Channing Tatum is reported to be involved, and Chris Pratt is supposed to be involved as well. 

Writers across the internet have decided… this is Sony’s way of catering to the woman haters, reboot haters, and change haters.If reading these knee-jerk reactions only, the reader will only come to one conclusion, that Sony wants the Female Ghostbusters to fail. 

Well, fortunately, I, Amen Phoenix,  am here to help you sort this out.

Sony makes movies, they spend money on locations, high profile talent and directors, as well as crew and effects both practical and cgi. The company wants to make all of it back plus a profit.  They DO NOT want any movie to fail.

Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought a change to thinking amongst the movie studios.  If they write a continuous story, in which smaller self-contained stories can thrive, that brings different elements to one giant blockbuster movie… people bring dump trucks full of money to the studios door. 

That is what Ackroyd has recently said, that Ghostbusters could follow the M.C.U.’s lead.

Looks to me like they are, instead of demoralizing women, or looking to lose money on the only cult franchise they have left.  So before freaking out about a movie, at least wait until they have a script.