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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Deaf Havana – Old Souls


In another rare move, Old Souls, the bands 1st official US release, has simply exceeded my lofty expectations and given me an anchor in a sea of lost music searching for a home. I honestly have no idea what that reference really means, but it sounds cool so I’ll keep it.
I would love to say that I could pick out a favorite, but that would imply that there are “less favorite” songs on this release. That’s simply not the case as Old Souls is one rocking hit after another, never falling into a rut or making me feel like I heard the songs before. I can say some songs will hit home in ways you won’t expect and the music, lyrics, and emotions will pull you in deep.
You’ve been warned.
I look forward to the day I can say
“Look what I’ve done with my life, aren’t you proud…”
But until that day comes I’ll keep holding on for an easy way out.
Subterranean Bullshit Blues – Deaf Havana
The change of pace from song to song each tells a story but if you listen very carefully to the lyrics, the theme is the same, however painful it may be to understand the depths of the story. From the upbeat Boston Square, to the power ballad in Lights, to the song that will make you chair dance like a fool in Everybody’s Dancing and I Don’t Want to Die, to the angry blues riff in Subterranean Bullshit Blues, to the “this is going to make me cry” Nights…you’re going to go through about every emotion available to you can yet again, the theme is same but told in so many different ways. You see, this is just the first 5 songs.
You looked at me and said I’d changed 
As I stared at a stranger and swore that I was still the same
Mildred – Deaf Havana
I can’t tell you what you will get out of this release personally. It may be better not to dig too deep into the meaning and just get lost in the sound that will take you away regardless. Old Souls is simply one of the best overall releases I’ve come to enjoy not just this year, or even last year, but ever since I could remember I’ve not appreciated a release as much as this one.
With Springstein in my headphones singing mockingly away,
Oh Brucey baby, I’ve seen better days
These are not better days.
22 – Deaf Havana
Today’s music world needs more Deaf Havana. Much much more.